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How To Grow Your Pumpkins

  1. Sow seeds from late Mar under cover placing each seed edgeways approx 1.5cm~(1/2in) deep in well drained seed compost.
  2. Min temp 18ºC. Lower temperature will induce rot.

  3. Plant in sunny protected site outside Mid May. Protect young plants from slugs and snails.

  4. Use soil enriched by ample organic matter, keep 60-75cm~(24-30in) between plants.

  5. Keep well watered, fed during summer months and harvest regularly.

  6. Harvest from early September. Fruits are mature when rind is hard and stems start to wither. Keep at 20ºC for 14 days. Store in a cool dark location.

  7. Enjoy your pumpkins, measure them and tag us on Linkedin with your pics! #thesempregroup

Systems on show at Advanced Engineering

Robust, shop floor optical shaft metrology at its simplest, fastest and most accurate.

Affordable, high accuracy, fast measurement. Illumination for measurement of otherwise hard-to-measure shiny parts simple, optional UKAS calibration.

Fast, high precision 3D optical bore inspection with long rotating probes.

3D optical profilers for high-end surface measurement to the nanometer.

2D Field Of View (FOV) Scanning.

Bespoke fixture design, manufacture and verification for measuring instruments and systems.

Handheld 3D topography measurement system including scratch defect inspection.

A quality management system with a quick ROI, designed by engineers for engineers. Auto-ballooning GD&T drawings & auto-generating reports inc. FAIR, PPAP and ISIRS.

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