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Hommel-Etamic Formline F435/455

Form measuring instruments that check workpieces automatically to ensure your output is always of the highest quality.


  • Bearing rings
  • Gear shafts
  • Electro shafts
  • Brake disks
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic components
  • Pistons
  • Cylinder blocks
  • Crankshafts
  • Camshafts

Product Variants

  • Formline Roundscan – Combined form and roughness with 0.1μm resolution


Software with clear user guidance for reliable measurement evaluation and simple operation, even when performing complex measurement tasks.

Turbo form software allows your employees to analyse any form and position deviations with ease. The program offers a clear and comprehensive result view as well as configurable print forms.

  • User-friendly interface with clear icons
  • A simple definition of measurement positions/axis references
  • The direct transfer of positions via teach-in
  • Simple CNC programming using pictograms
  • Fully automatic alignment and measurement
  • Comprehensive profile analysis and complete documentation of the measurement results
  • Clear program flow
  • Evaluation in accordance with standards
  • Convenient test plan management
  • Fast evaluation algorithms for prompt results
  • Fourier analysis for detection of recurring profile parts
  • Results display in 3D diagrams
  • User-defined presentation of measuring reports
  • Automatic saving of PDF reports

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