Digital Reference Gauge

The DIGITAMIC is used with one or two probes. It is designed to perform very accurate measurements. The DIGITAMIC is low cost, spindle, easy to integrate and user friendly. The module aspect of the DIGITAMIC simplifies the connection and data exchange between units and/or external network.


The DIGITAMIC offers the following benefits:

- In shop measurements (in harsh conditions)
- High sensitivity
- Large choice of probes
- Easy installation
- Static or dynamic measurements

Technical data:

- Type of Probes: LVDT, ½ bridge, micro probe
- Probes connection: 6 pin socket
- Measuring range (depending on tooling): From +/- 10 to +/- 10000µm
- Precision: 1% of measuring range
- Display: 8 digits, backlit
- Protection: IP65
- Operating temperature: +5°C / +50°C
- Power Supply: 230 / 115VAC
- Stacks of: 8 units in power supply
- Network: RS485

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