This extremely robust widescreen IPC sirius has been developed specifically for complex offline benches and gauging machines in the harsh production environment.

The extremely robust IPC sirius with its 21.5” touchscreen in widescreen format has been developed specifically for metrology applications in the harsh production environment. As stand-alone device sirius comes with a completely closed (IP65) housing. Alternatively it can be mounted in a panel.

With its 1.2GHz Intel® Celeron® Dual Core Processor and the fast DDR3 DRAM, sirius is well suited for advanced dimensional measurements, graphical operator guidance and statistical process control. A sophisticated thermal design makes sure that active cooling with air exchange is not required.

The probe satellites PS100 and PS50 are connected to a separate Ethernet port, independent from the customer network. Additional peripheral devices can be connected via USB. For machine control and for the integration of further sensors PROFIBUS and CAN-bus options are available.

The advanced metrology software CMZ32 is based on our long term experience in the field of dimensional metrology. The efficient programming of test plans and the customizable displays for operator guidance and data representation make CMZ32 the software-tool of choice for complex measurement and control tasks.



• 21” resistive touchscreen, industry grade
• Robust, closed (IP65), stand-alone housing or alternatively panel-mounting
• Sophisticated thermal design allows passive cooling (no air exchange) Performance
• 1.2 GHz Celeron® Dual Core processor
• 2 GB fast DDR3 DRAM
• Windows® embedded Standard 7P (MUI)


• 3 Ethernet ports to connect separately to probe satellites, customer network, etc.
• 6 x USB to connect additional devices; individual (de-)activation by software
• Optional PROFIBUS and CAN-Bus


• Well-established metrology software CMZ32 based on long-term practical experience
• E fficient programming of complex measuring programs (up to 300 steps, 200 probes)
• Customizable displays with up to 20 different widgets
• Statistical analysis, reports and export

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