Hommel - Etamic Vega Touch Screen Display

Air Gauging Digital Multiple Port Display

Hommel Etamic VEGA combined with TOLARIS dimensional measurement software for smaller gauge fixture

  • For use in both production and laboratory environments
  • Supports up to 32 gauges, sensors and digital I/O
  • Auto start measurement, and possibly test plan selection, when part detected
  • Characteristic calculations, eg taper, part clearance
  • Gauge mastering control with drift detection
  • SPC data output and PDF report generation


• 8.4” touchscreen with LED backlight
• Robust, fan-less metal case (front IP65)
• No moving parts

• Intel® Atom™ processor for best balance between high performance and low heat development
• Protected implementation of Windows® XP operating system allows to shut off vega by a machine’s main switch

• 2 Ethernet ports to connect separately to probe satellites and customer network
• 4 x USB to connect additional devices, 2 of them integrated in front panel for easy access
• Optional miniPCI cards for PROFIBUS or CAN

• Dimensional metrology software TOLARIS™
• Specifically tailored to vega
• Simple operation via touch screen menus

With its 8.4″ touchscreen the Hommel Etamic Vega industrial PC is highly flexible and ideally suited for integration into smaller gauge fixtures for use in both production and laboratory environments.

Associated Probe Satellite units support up to 32 inputs from a wide range of gauges, sensors and other input / output devices such as

LVDT probes e.g. Hommel Etamic ZDB, Tesa, Solartron etc.)
Half bridge transducers
4-20mA input e.g. air gauge transducers
±10V input e.g. temperature sensors
Digital e.g. PNP, relay
Incremental inputs e.g. Heidenhain length gauges, incremental counters

Tolaris Software

The TOLARIS™ dimensional measurement software which is tailored to the Vega PC. Measurement plans may be designed start automatically when the part is detected. Distinct sensor inputs may even be used to automatically select the appropriate measurement plan!

Robust measuring plans are designed to ensure gauges are functioning correctly before every measurement by using a back-check. Gauge mastering may be demanded on a time or part based schedule and drift is monitored to prevent help identify potential gauging problems. Measurement data from multiple gauges may be used to calculate a characteristic such as taper angle or part clearance.

Once the measurement process is underway the operator may be guided through the measurement sequence and, dependent on user rights, be allowed to decide how pass or fail results are handled. Classifications, reporting and statistical exporting is also possible, for example to Prolink SPC software.

Options for CAN bus and PROFIBUS communications allow older gauging stations to be upgraded by supporting older Hommel Etamic MS10 connection modules.

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