LVDT Probes

The measurement range, sensitivity, correlation and accuracy errors are among the most important ones.
The combination of the precision and accuracy errors helps to define the intrinsic error.

Accuracy, as well as precision, are concepts that associate correlation and repeatability; therefore, are not a characteristic of metrology (the contrary of the intrinsic error).
Note: that is preferable to use the terms correlation error and repeatability error instead of accuracy.

Correlation error:

For analogue displacement probes with differential transformer (L.V.D.T), the linear error identifies itself with correlation error. It is determined from the mastering curve, see example below.

The following LVDT probes are available

- LVDT Straight Probes ZDB
- Mini probes LVDT ZDB
- LVDT straight probes ZDB with pneumatic lift
- LVDT straight probes ZDB with pneumatic push
- Incremental probes ZIB
- Incremental probes ZIB with pneumatic push

Retraction principle

In an idle position, the probes are in position of measurement; the measuring pressure is given by the spring. The retraction of the contact tip is obtained by the release.

Pneumatic push principle

In an idle position the probes are in the retracted position.
Measuring position is obtained by pressure.

Hommel-Etamic LVDT Probes

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