Flexible shaft measurement in production

These high-precision systems are ideal for SPC measuring stations with manual loading and automated production thanks to their special open machine concept.

System Highlights

  • Outstanding precision characteristics
  • Excellent form measurement capacity
  • Flexible in use, including for future workpieces and measuring tasks
  • Ideal production suitability and reliability through long-term gaging component capability
  • High-precision rotational axis with outstanding form measurement ability
  • Automatic tailstock with a long stroke on precision guides
  • Quick, easy and accurate workpiece clamping via a motorised tailstock

Ideal for your

  •  Turbo-chargers, engine valves, pistons
  • Cam shafts and crank shafts
  • Gear and drive shafts
  • Electric motor shafts
Opticline CA Series
Hommel-Etamic Opticline CA Automated Systems

Measuring a cylinder liner

Hommel-Etamic Opticline CA Automated Systems

Measuring a turbo-charger

Hommel-Etamic Opticline CA Automated Systems

Optional tactile probing system for measuring lengths and axial run-outs; measuring a gear shaft

Hommel-Etamic Opticline CA Automated Systems

Opticline CA618-AE designed specifically for measuring crank shafts

Optimized for use in production

  • Split-second speed and low maintenance requirements for outstanding productivity
  • Ideal accessibility for manual and automatic loading
  • Software adapted to the production environment and processes
  • Active temperature control and temperature compensation
  • Simultaneous control of several production systems by a single operator
  • Reduction of rejects and material consumption

Customised solutions for flexible use

  • Horizontal or vertical system design
  • Project-specific housing solutions
  • Various options for automated loading and clamping
  • Various interfaces for machine integration and control
  • Optional, project-specific automation

Measuring lengths and axial run-outs

The optional tactile probing system enables the measurement of axial run-out and special lengths as a complement to the evaluation options of the optical measuring system.

Measuring capacity     |     OpticlineCA305     |     OpticlineCA305     |     Opticline CA314   

Diameter (mm)                         0.2-50                                   6-100                                  0.2-140

Length (mm)                             300                                        300                                      300

Measuring capacity     |     Opticline CA605     |     OpticlineCA610     |     Opticline CA614  |   Opticline CA618 

Diameter (mm)                         0.5 - 50                                 6-100                                   0.2-140                           0.2-180

Length (mm)                             600                                        600                                      600                                  580

Tailored precisely to your workpieces

Precision crank shaft measurement

  • The AE variants of the Opticline CA series are designed specifically for measuring crank shafts.
  • Optimised solution for process stages downstream from grinding and final processing
  •  Special camera and high-precision angle measuring system

Fully automated engine valve measurement

  • The VMS systems based on the CA series are designed specifically for fully automated engine valve measurement.
  • Super-fast complete measurements with cycle times of less than 5 seconds
  • pecially designed, customized clamping devices

Measuring capacity     |     OpticlineCA614-AE     |     OpticlineCA618-AE     |     Opticline VMS305 

Diameter (mm)                         0.2-140                                     0.2-180                                           0.2-50

Length (mm)                             600                                           580                                                   300

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