MOVOLINE - Professional In-Process Metrology

MOVOLINE measuring solutions offer a wide field of applications for in-process measurement. Thanks to the continuous measurement of the workpieces during the actual grinding process in the working space of the machine, the grinding process can be controlled and optimised dependent on the measured parameters.

Successfully implemented worldwide

  • Shafts
  • Turbo-chargers
  • Pistons
  • Injector components
  • Hydraulic valves

Use for Cylindrical grinding

  • Internal grinding
  • Match grinding
  • Flat grinding

Parameters measured in-process

  • Plain outer diameters
  • Interrupted outer diameters
  • Inner diameters
  • Active and passive axial positioning
  • Length
Jenoptik MOVOMATIC In Process Measurement
Jenoptik MOVOMATIC In Process Measurement
Jenoptik MOVOMATIC In Process Measurement
Jenoptik MOVOMATIC In Process Measurement

Get better measurements

… with innovative measuring systems

MOVOLINE solutions are the result of our decades of experience and extensive know-how of in-process metrology. They are the preferred system of choice for grinding machine manufacturers around the world.

With the development of the first in-process measuring system for grinding machines in the world and the very first digital gage heads, we have established new quality standards for in-process applications. Now and in future you can be sure that we deliver highly innovative and technologically advanced in-process measuring systems.vide absolutely precise results in environments close to production. Our systems are easy to operate thanks to an intuitive software interface.

… with modern digital technology

Thanks to the field bus technology – unique in in-process applications – MOVOLINE solutions always deliver precise measuring results, even under difficult operating conditions. The measuring data is transferred digitally and therefore interference-free and independent of the cable length. Furthermore installation and maintenance efforts are reduced thanks to the reduced number of necessary cables for the in-process measuring components.

… for highest process reliability

MOVOLINE solutions offer highest precision and reliability for the control of grinding processes. They compensate process influences due to temperature fluctuations or wear of the grinding wheel and thus help making your machining processes more efficient, reduce cycle times and increase product quality.


Effective assurance of your product quality



  • Consistent measuring accuracy
  • High repeatability thanks to outstanding thermal and mechanical stability of the gage heads
  • Highest process reliability even for smallest workpiece tolerances


  • Interference-free data transferthanks to field bus technology
  • Mechanical crash protection
  • Electric motor operated gagearm lifting


  • Long term stability of all measuring components
  • Compact and protected design for use in production
  • Low maintenance and wear-free components


  • Gage heads with large measuring ranges
  • From small batch series to large- scale production
  • Parallel measurement of different parameters on one workpiece


  • Easily adaptable to various measuring tasks, workpieces and machines
  • For in- as well as pre- and post- process applications

Easy to integrate

  • Easy setting and installation of the measuring components
  • Retrofitting of existing operating machines
  • Control of all measuring functions via one single cable

Diameter gauging

  • Significant improvement of the measuring signal quality by means of a signal processing directly inside the measuring head
  • Fail-safe and extremely liable digital signal transmission (CAN bus)
  • Electric probe lifting (no pneumatic valves, hoses etc. required)
  • Only one cable required for measuring signal and probe lifting
  • One cable with 4 conductors for connection to the measuring head.
  • Calibration and service data are stored in the measuring head



HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC DM200 In Process Metrology


Digital gage head for plain outer diameters

HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC DM205 In Process Metrology


Digital gage head for plain and interrupted outer diameters

HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC DM400 In Process Metrology


Digital gage head for plain outer diameters

HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC DM405 In Process Metrology


Digital gage head for plain and interrupted outer diameters

HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC DU200 In Process Metrology


Digital gage head for plain or interrupted outer diameters

 Axial & Length Gauging

HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC DP200 In process Metrology


Digital axial positioning head

Digital Display Units

MOVOLINE measurement control units are the most accurate in the industry.

Choose from simple diode displays to programmable, microprocessor-controlled systems that interface with existing computer systems for advanced SPC applications.
All systems are fully tested and calibrated before shipment, and supported by factory trained technicians.

HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC ES124 In process Metrology


Microprocessor based amplifier


HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC ESZ400 In process Metrology


Programmable measurement and display instrument

HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC ES400 In process Metrology


Measurement and Control unit with microprocessor



HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC ES600 In process Metrology


Measurement and Control unit with microprocessor


In-Process for crankshafts

In Process for crank shafts


In-Process for crankshafts

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