In-Process for crankshafts

Developed especially for use in modern pendulum stroke grinding machines, the DF500 and DF700 measuring systems enable automatic monitoring of crank shaft diameters during the grinding process at full machining speed.

System Highlights:

  • Measurement of main and pin bearings
  • Simple retooling for crank shafts with different dimensions
  • High resolution for all diameters
  • Interference-free, digital measured value transmission
  • Efficient measurement control, operator interface can be integrated into the PC/CNC machine control
  • Solid mechanical design for high measuring accuracy and collision-free processes
  • Used universally thanks to interchangeable measuring prisms with wide diameter ranges
In Process for crank shafts

Area of application

Developed especially for use in modern pendulum stroke grinding machines, the DF500 measuring system enables the diameter on crankshafts to be monitored during the grinding process at full machining speed. The solid mechanical design forms the basis for the high measuring accuracy and ensures collision-free processes, especially when measuring pin bearings.

The measuring system can be used universally: The measuring prisms cover a wide diameter range and can be changed very easily for other measuring ranges.

Optional monitoring/correction of roundness

Systematic errors in roundness during machine setup can be detected and corrected directly using this option, without the workpieces having to be measured in a measuring room. In the workshop, this option allows roundness to be measured at the end of the machining process using automatic correction value control, enabling roundness errors to be corrected in a targeted manner. This significantly increases the accuracy of the machine tool and produced parts, and enables full control directly in the production process.

Maintenance-free operation

Tracking of the measuring device by an electric motor is available as an option. With this option, the measuring device automatically tracks mechanical changes in distance due to wear of the grinding disc.


Model:                                                                                    DF500                            DF700

Diameter measurement

Workpiece diameter                                                          24-90 mm                                    48-140mm

Stroke                                                                                    ≤ 120 mm                                    ≤ 340 mm

Measurement speed                                                          ≤ 80 rpm                               ≤ 80 rpm or 65 rpm

Resolution                                                                                0.1 μm                                         0.1 μm

Roundness measurement

Evaluation points/revolution                                               3600                                              3600

Resolution                                                                                0.1 μm                                         0.1 μm

Measurement speed                                                             ≤ 60 rpm                                     ≤ 60 rpm

Evaluation method:                                                              LSCI                                                LSCI

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