Digital axial positioning head
HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC DP200 In process Metrology

Digital axial gage head for smooth (plain) or interrupted surface parts.  BUS digital transmission and onboard electronic circuitry.  Single connecting cable using standard connector for all measurement and electrical gauge arms engagement/disengagement signals.

Gage arm with a crash-safety feature:

  • Effective in case of shock or collision in all directions.
  • Prevents damage to the gage head or arm in case of a tooling crash.



  • Relative gaging range: ±2000 µm
  • Repeatability error: < 0.3 µm in standard conditions.
  • Standard measuring force on a half-range of ±1000 µm: 1.5N/±10%
  • Standard measuring force on the full range of ±2000 µm: 1.5N/±20%
  • Absorption of the vibrations: Hydraulic
  • Standard adjustment by gage arm reversing: motorized (centre position, measure on the left, measure on the right).
  • Ingress protection: IP65

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