Digital gage head for plain and interrupted outer diameters

High-precision gage head for in-process measurements of plain and interrupted outer diameters.

System Highlights

Scope of Application:

  • Universal range of use:
  • Workpiece diameter 1 to 60 mm
  • For uninterrupted and interrupted surface
  •  Compact design and highprecision measurement
  • For in-process and post-process measurements


  • HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC DM protect crash protection system

Connection technology:

  • CAN bus with digital transmission of measured values
  • Only one connecting cable for all functions
HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC DM205 In Process Metrology

Electronic features

One single CAN bus cable is used for operation and connection to the control electronics. Measurement data is transmitted digitally and therefore fail-safe and independent of the cable length. Thanks to the modern field bus technology, the number of connecting cables is considerably reduced when using multiple gage heads with one control electronics.

Range of use

With their compact design, high measuring precision and easy handling, the DM205 gage heads are used for a wide range of in-process and post-process applications for workpieces with plain or interrupted surfaces.

Mechanical features

The whole measuring system is integrated in one housing which assures high mechanical and thermal stability and facilitates assembly and maintenance tasks.


The optional crash protection system (nondestructive predetermined breaking point) protects the gage head, gage arms and the workpiece from damaging in case of collision, hence preventing downtimes

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