Measurement and Control unit with microprocessor

The ES400 Measurement and Control unit with microprocessor is used for in-process, pre-process and post-process applications.

The range of measuring units of the ES400 series is composed of a control unit and of front panel unit.

The control unit may be integrated directly within the machine control cabinet, or within an intermediate 19″ rack.
The front panel unit may be used as a remote panel, or be part of 19″ rack with the control unit.

HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC ES400 In process Metrology

System Highlights

  • Entirely programmable, inch/metric, 115 VAC/230 VAC
  • In-process and Post-process measurement
  • Continuous or interrupted diameters
  • Match grinding of diameters or lengths
  • Passive or active positioning
  • Commutation positioning head
  • 4 inputs of capacitive or inductive measurements
  • 4 analogue inputs (± 10VDC), electronic/pneumatic converters
  • Up to 32 commands inputs 26 commands outputs.
  • Relay outputs, optocoupler, BCD, RS232
  • Serial Port for printer
  • LCD digital display

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