Measurement and Control unit with microprocessor

Programmable measuring controller for universal applications for pre-process, in-process, and post-process

Multiples Applications:

The ES600 System can perform a wide range of measuring and control functions which arise in modern production machines in the precision machining field (grinding, honing, CNC machining) and in the quality Assurance (3D metrology, SPC).

HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC ES600 In process Metrology

System Highlights

  • Up to 16 control inputs, capacitive, inductive and analogue
  • Pre-process, In-process, Post-process measurement and checking
  • LCD Screen well contrasted
  • Alpha-numerical display, bar graph, and search menu
  • Gauge size control on grinding machines with measurement of diameter, longitudinal grinding and match grinding
  • Active or passive positioning
  • The unit can be operated without the front panel provided the higher-level unit performs the required control functions (e.g. CNC control of the machine)
  • Integrated A/D Converter 14 bits
  • 64 control inputs and 56 control outputs
  • Floppy drive 3.5″ optional
  • Analogue outputs, relay, BCD, RS232, RS422 and separated printer port.

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