Programmable measurement and display instrument

Basic system:

Main module with Profibus and a maximum of 2 digital gauge heads.
Extended system: Main module with Profibus, a maximum of 16 digital gauge heads, Input/output modules and Input modules for analogue sensor channels.

Multi-function measuring system

  • High performance measuring system, with processing and display capabilities all in one unit
  • Minimum system requirements consist of the ESZ400 display unit and up to two digital gauge heads
  • Capable of utilising the full range of HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC digital gauge heads,  inductive sensors (L.V.D.T.), and TPE99 transducer
  • Compatible with mechanical and pneumatic measurements
  • For pre-process, in-process and post-process applications
  • Simultaneous processing of up to 32 measuring channels
The Metrology Group OpticlineHOMMEL-MOVOMATIC ESZ400 In process Metrology C305

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