DWFritz Automation & High-Speed Non-Contact Metrology​​

Fast, micron precision and high repeatability.

Advanced, automated, non-contact metrology solutions. Accuracies at submicron levels. To meet your challenging Gauge R&R (GR&R) requirements.


Established in 1973, DWFritz Automation is a leading global provider of precision metrology, inspection, and assembly solutions for advanced manufacturing. DWFritz Automation manufactures the ZeroTouch range of high-precision, automated 3D measurement systems, for complex components that often require 100% inspection. 

Using multiple laser sensors the systems are able to take millions of data points and use these point clouds to produce a full 3D digital scan and measurements in minutes. This non-contact metrology system has high repeatability and provides a much faster inspection time than a traditional CMM.

Some key components that benefit from the ZeroTouch range include:

As well as the standard ZeroTouch range The Sempre Group will also offer DWFritz’s bespoke automation systems for inline production, designed and built specifically to customer requirements.



dw fritz measurement system

High Speed Metrology

Advanced non-contact laser systems automate the metrology process. The speed in which full 3D scans are created and measurements are taken eliminates bottlenecks in production and inspection. The ZeroTouch range helps you meet your challenging GR&R requirements with these submicron accuracy systems.

Defect Detection & Classification

Surface defects and micron-level flaws can easily be identified in any material including non-opaque materials, at speed.


dwfritz package-inspection
dwfritz measurement automation-grippers

Process Automation

As well as high speed ZeroTouch range DWFRitz specialise in high speed precision assembly and test automation processes including:

  • precision dispense
  • welding
  • force sensing

Ensuring quality with high throughput.

Advanced Material Handling

With years of expertise in advanced material handling DWFritz are able to precisely direct the motion of material across multiple degrees of freedom, using vision and sensor technologies.

dwfritz 6 axis robot inspection

Product Range

Product Range

Precise, high-speed metrology and inspection system for processing complex geometries in just a fraction of time of a traditional CMM.

Non-contact 3D Gear Inspection System. 100% inspection of gears and teeth geometries with 30 seconds per part. Profile, helix, pitch, and runout measurements.

Non-contact 3D traction motor inspection system for measuring complex geometries and performs defect detection. Measurement of rotors and stators for electric vehicles.






Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering

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