Our experienced highly qualified team of engineers are able to measure, design and program for you!

They are also able to find multiple solutions for any bottlenecks or quality issues you may have using our metrology systems and software.

Contract Measurement





Design and Analysis


Fixture Design and Manufacture


Contract Measurement

We provide a comprehensive measurement service utilising our wide range of high precision inspection systems.

  • Supply us with a drawing and specification, we will provide a quote and lead time.
  • We will agree on a turn around time to your suit your requirements as little as 24hours. 
  • Prices per part after initial evaluation and start-up.
  • As standard we will supply an excel data sheet, pdf graphical report and auto-ballooning of your drawing.

Measurement services include:

  • Drawing ballooning service & measurement data reports

  • Initial Sample Inspection Reports (ISIR)

  • 2D and 3D Reverse Engineering

  • Offline part programming service

  • Measurement Systems Analysis MSA reports (gauge R&R/ CP/ CPK)

  • Gauge and fixture design

  • Model-based definition (MBD) reports – no drawing required.

  • NDAs available on request

Measurement Capabilities:

Types of measurement

  • White light interferometry scanning
  • Surface roughness and contour
  • Roundness and form
  • Touch probe and laser scanning
  • Optical probing
  • Optical shaft measurement
  • 2D field of view scanning
  • 3D white light scanning


Investing in new equipment is an exciting and daunting time, that’s why when you buy a measurement system from The Sempre Group, we want you to be set up, ready and confident to hit the ground running and start enjoying the benefits of your system straight away. Not only do we install and calibrate your system, provide training with your operators, using your parts, but we can also write your programmes for you. This means that you can use your system to accurately and confidently measure your parts straight away.

Design and Analysis

Our aim is to create value for our customers by developing bespoke solutions. These can range from handtools to fully automated, integrated measurement systems and software. We are also capable of complex analysis, Fourier transforms and performance studies on your components.

Our services include:

  • Bespoke automation and integration with metrology systems
  • Data analysis
  • Neural networks for bespoke vision recognition
  • Shopfloor layout design
  • Measurement stations and enclosure

Fixture Design and Manufacture

Increase the capability, repeatability and ease of use of your metrology system with our fixture design service. Provide us with component drawings and samples, we will design, manufacture test and verify jigs and fixtures for use on measurement systems. Working closely with manufacturing partners couples with in-house 3D printing capabilities. We will supply a high-quality robust addition to your machines, increasing productivity and reducing operating times.

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