We want to make sure you systems are up to date and you are accessing the latest technology to improve your quality processes. Our Service team are able to provide multiple IT services and upgrades as soon as they become available.

PC Upgrades

Software Upgrades

System Integration

PC Upgrades

Benefits Of Upgrading

The Sempre Group aims to provide high levels of support to ensure your measurement systems are always running at peak performance.


Reassurance that your system will be supported in case of a failure

Data Restored

Data can be restored and transferred to other PCs

Improved Features

Improved Windows 7 and 10 features


Improved Functionality

Upgrade to the current software version which will include improved functionality of the measuring system

Enhanced Security

Enhanced data security


Windows 10 upgrade compatibility*

* Please note not compatible with TurboOptic3 Software.

Software Upgrades

Ensure your system is working to the latest software specification, taking advantage of new technologies and ensuring the highest quality end-product.

Latest versions of your system software

Installation and calibration


Seamless transition

Data and programme back-up and transition


System Integration


To start with we discuss and learn the limitations of individual systems. This is usually already known and has clear capability boundaries that are well understood. The first task is to compare the current limitations of the systems with the desired functionality of the finished integrated system by reducing each requirement into logical components and determining how each requirement can be achieved. All of this is then documented on a Scope Of Work (SOW) document and signed by both ourselves and the customer.


Once the planning stage is complete, all the components required are designed. This takes the form of software for electronic connection and hardware for physical connection and functionality. These designs are revised until all aspects of the integrated system are complete.

Testing and Setup

The system is tested and compared against the SOW document for compliance. Any required modifications are made, and the machine is set up ready for operation and calibrated. All the operators are trained on how to use the full system as well as all the individual parts and allowed to run the machine with supervision and issued a training certificate.

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