Innovalia Range

Combining tactile and laser probing in one system and software, the fastest, most-flexible CMM.

With laser and tactile sensors in one connected system, the Innovalia metrology devices can measure any sized or shaped part.

Innovalia Duplex arm type CMMInnovalia Duplex arm type CMM
optical and tactile CMM probesoptical and tactile CMM probes
CMM colour mapping pointcloudCMM colour mapping pointcloud
Spark Plus Laser and Touch CMMSpark Plus Laser and Touch CMM


Laser and tactile sensors in one connected system. In one routine, sensors are interchanged with results combined into one model and report. These flexible systems can measure any size or shaped part.



Spark Plus Laser and Touch CMM
  • Systems to measure anything including vehicles such as buses and trucks.
  • Highly accurate and designed for consistency over large volumes.
  • Handheld options are available for ease of use around the shop floor.



  • Measurement of entire vehicles.

High precision machining: 

  • Dimensional inspection of high precision machined parts.

Sheet Metal: 

  • Assess critical features during stamping processes.


  • Highest dimensional accurate to ensure compliance with demanding quality standards in the plastic industry.
Chassis scan with Innovalia CMM colourmap

Product Range

Product Range

High Accuracy Bridge Type CMM.

High Accuracy Gantry Type CMM.

High-performance horizontal arm-type CMMs.

Portable CMM scanning systems with 3D high definition digitalisation.

Verify and calibrate your CMMs and machine tools in just 5 minutes.






Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal



Software Options

CMM colour mapping pointcloud

M3 Metrology Software


Also from Innovalia group, we have the only platform that allows total integration of machine, control, software and sensors in one package.

  • Geometric dimensions and tolerance
  • Work Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Automatic Alignments
  • Colour-Mapping
  • Full Integration

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