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Jenoptik Opticline WMS Series

All the benefits of the C series, automated. Large and heavy workpieces, measured without an operator.

Key Information

Max. Weight
Max. diameter
Max. Length


Automotive industry: 

  • Measurement of large and heavy workpieces such as turbochargers, engine valves, pistons, camshafts and crankshafts, gear shafts and driveshafts particularly in machinery, construction equipment and large vehicles.

Marine industry: extremely large turbines, shafts.

Turned and ground parts producers: 

  • Measure shaft-shaped, largely axially symmetrical workpieces.
  • Any large or heavy shafts.
  • Any large or heavy cylindrical parts with tight tolerance (e.g spools).
  • Dimensional measurements: Lengths and diameters, radii and angles:
  • Thread measurements: Dimensions, form.
  • Form measurements: Straightness, roundness, cylindricality:
  • Profile form: Free forms, tolerance range, cam form.
  • Position measurement: Radial run-out and axial runout, straightness, symmetry and parallelism, concentricity and coaxiality.
  • HighQA quality management software: Auto-ballooning of drawings, inspection plans and industry-standard reporting all done for you.
  • Fast track: We can pre-programme for you so you’re ready to measure as soon as the system arrives.

Tolaris  Software 

Simple, intuitive software that enables even novices to programme and run measurement routines in minutes.

Tolaris measurement and evaluation software for shaft measurement systems

    • Intuitive: A simple user interface 
    • Fast: Create test plans quickly and easily
    • Clear: Easy to understand and concise measurement views
    • Auto-reporting: Auto-generated reporting and output giving traceability on all measurement.


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