5S - Visual Floor Markings - Identification Signs

Floor markings to designate areas Identification for work areas and stations.

Floor Tapes

Floor Pictograms


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5S - Cleaning Stations - Visual Cupboards

Modular aluminium profile stations with interchangeable accessories to meet all cleaning needs.

Perspex cupboards for displaying components and maintaining order.

Netpost 600

Portable cleaning station with locking casters.

Netpost 400

5s slimline cleaning station.

5S Visual Cupboard

Keep components stored  safely and visually on the shopfloor in our 5S cupboards with lockable perspex doors.

TPM - Total Productive Maintenance

Steel perforated boards with magnetic shadows for tools and magnetic holders to display maintenance procedures.

Maintenance Point

Maintpost 600

Mobile Maintenance Point with lockable perspex door and casters.

Maintpost 6000B

Workbench with rubber matting and perforated tool board.
Maintenance Point

Maintpost 6000C

Maintenance Station with rubber matting and lockable perspex storage cupboard.

Kanban - Stock Control

Our range includes magnetic display options great for shopfloor use.

KANBAN leanflash fulze

Kanban Card

KANBAN leanflash fulze

Leanflash Fulze

Magnetic stackable card holders


First In First Out Card Systems

Lean Manufacturing - Streamline and efficient systems

Mobile storage systems and roller racking options.

leanpost lean manufacturing

Lean Post

lean dynamic roller racking

Lean Dynamic

Lean Dynamic Bench

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