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Order and discipline

Seiri: Sorting - To remove the useless

Seiton: Set in Order - Everything in its right place

Seiso : Shine/Cleaning - Avoiding dirty places.

Seiketsu: Standardising - To apply arrangement and cleanliness

Shtsuke: Sustaining - To adhere and comply with established rules

For a clean and functional environment

Lean manufacturing Approaches TPM


Zero breakdown goal

Total: To consider all aspects of maintenance, to associate everyone with it

Productive: To ensure maintenance, while producing and also by penalising the production as less as possible

Maintenance: To maintain in good state: to repair, clean, lubricate.

Less machine breakdown, productivity gain.

Lean Manufacturing, Approaches, Kaisen


Small steps for huge progress

Kaizen, Japanese word, which means: improvement without large means, with good sense and the implications of all, from the director to the operators.

The step rests on small constant improvements, day after day. It is gradual and soft approach, in opposition to the Western concept “One throws away all, one starts again new”

Valorisation of the staff.


Lean Manufacturing, Approaches, Lean Manufacturing

LEAN Manufacturing

Reduced flows

to manage perfectly the processes and resources.

Any activity is composed of process and tasks.
The analyses of these tasks are very useful:
some create value and others are useless.

Stock reduction, improvement of flows

Lean Manufacuturing Approaches Six Sigma

Six Sigma

“Black Belt” for statistics

Methodology with objective: suppression of the causes of the defects noted in  a process in order to improve customer satisfaction.

The certainty for the customer of a delivery without defect. An indicator, SIGMA, which measures the standard deviation of the normal curve.

Comparison with the best of the market,  Benchmarking “to make as well as”.
A method, DMAIC, centered on the customer, with constant improvement and implication.

Cost reduction

Lean Manufacturing Approaches Lean Office

LEAN Office

To simplify administrative flows

To identify the operations without value-added for the customer.
To eliminate redundancies.
To simplify and standardise processes.
To reduce the costs.
To protect processes against errors.
To modernise the equipment.

Reduction of the processing times

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