Quality Points

Ergonomic Workbenches for Checking Quality on the Production Line

Slimline Quality Stations

Smaller Slimline Quality Checking Points

Qualipost 500

Modular station with optional additional shelves, drawers and casters. Can hold up to 10kg weight.

Qualipost 600

Quality station with magnetic back board and shelf that can support 140kg.

Qualipost 700

Quality Point with magnetic backboard and lockable cupboard. Can support 150kg.

Quality Work Stations

Strong workbenches designed to support heavy loads up to 800kg for checking products on the shopfloor.

Qualipost 3000a

Portable cleaning station with locking casters.
Qualipost 3000b

Qualipost 3000b

Available in a range of colours with magnetic or sticky backing.
A4 writeable magnetic holders

Qualipost 3000c

Quality workbench with magnetic back board and perspex lockable cupboard.

Quality Work Stations With Roof

Strong workbenches designed to support heavy loads for checking products on the shopfloor with slanted roof to avoid dust.

Qualipost 3000e

Qualipost 3000e

Magnetic or sticky back ring binder clipboards available in landscape or portrait in sizes A3 or A4.

qualipost 4000

Qualipost 4000

Quality Point with Roller Shutter Door
height adjustable quality workbench

Qualipost 3000 electric

Height adjustable workbenches for checking quality on the shopfloor.

Antifatigue Matting and Stools

A wide range of matting and stool options are available. Perfect for use at a standing height station.


Anti-fatigue Matting

Multiple options are available for sizes and types of anti-fatigue matting. Ideal for reducing impact when standing for long periods.
Anti-fatigue Stool

Anti-Fatigue Adjustable Stools

Anti-fatigue adjustable stool, can be tilted and adjusted in height. Other variations are available.
Anti-Fatigue Cushioned Chair

Anti-Fatigue Cushioned Chair

Anti-Fatigue Cushioned Chair

Optional Add ons for your Workbench

Drawers, shelving and shopfloor equipment protection.

qualipost 4000

Lockable cupboard with shelving

Steel lockable cupboard with shelving.
drawer for workbench

Additional Single Drawer

Multiple Drawer options are also available.
5s foam insert for tooling

5S Drawer Insert for Tools

5s foam drawer insert for organising your tools.
5s foam insert for tooling

Lean Bin Rail

Rail for lean bins for attachment on aluminium profile.

Visual Accessories for Your Workbench

Documentation display options for aluminium profile or magnetic mounting. Perfect for displaying your work procedures.

Qualipost 3000e

Magnetic Prodocs

Magnetic or sticky back display holders available in a variety of colours and in paper sizes A0-A6.

Also available in a writeable version with open front.

docapost 200 folder ringbinder holder

Docapost 200

A4 ringbinder folder for displaying documents to be attached on to aluminium profile, colour options- red, yellow, blue, green or black.
Magnetic docaflex a4 flip folder

Magnetic Docaflex

A4 Flip Folder also available to be wall-mounted, attached to aluminium profile or on own stand.
lighting and signage

LED Lighting and Signs

The optional LED Lighting can be mounted to the profile of the bench as well as signs to indicate work areas.
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