Reception Design

Make your reception inviting and professional

Reception Areas

reception desk

Comspace Reception Desk

qualipost 4000

reception desk pc protection

height adjustable quality workbench

Com design Reception Sign

Lighting for Reception Areas

standing light for reception


tip light


Space Light

Space Light

Display Cupboards

Tall Display Cupboard

display cabinet for reception

Tall Cabinet

Qualipost 3000b

Small Display Cupboard

Create a welcome space to greet and meet with your customers.

reception area

Visual Accessories for Your Workbench

Documentation display options for aluminium profile or magnetic mounting. Perfect for displaying your work procedures.

Qualipost 3000e

Magnetic Prodocs

Magnetic or sticky back display holders available in a variety of colours and in paper sizes A0-A6.

Also available in a writeable version with open front.

docapost 200 folder ringbinder holder

Docapost 200

A4 ringbinder folder for displaying documents to be attached on to aluminium profile, colour options- red, yellow, blue, green or black.
Magnetic docaflex a4 flip folder

Magnetic Docaflex

A4 Flip Folder also available to be wall-mounted, attached to aluminium profile or on own stand.
lighting and signage

LED Lighting and Signs

The optional LED Lighting can be mounted to the profile of the bench as well as signs to indicate work areas.
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