Measuring Instruments

Measuring Instruments Gauge Blocks & Accessories by Metrology Direct

Gauge blocks, Gauge block accessories, Optical flats, Measuring balls

Measuring Instruments Plug Gauges & Rings by Metrology Direct

Pin / Plug gauges, Taper gauges, SK/HSK meas. devices, Setting rings, Snap gauges

Measuring Instruments Thread Gauges & Rings by Metrology Direct

Thread gauges, Shaft keyway gauges, Square / Hexagonal gauges, Serration gauges

Measuring Instruments Dial Indicators by Metrology Direct

Comparator gauges, Dial gauges, Measuring inserts, Depth gauges, Dial test indicators

Measuring Instruments Measuring Stands by Metrology Direct

Measuring stands, Dial gauge stands, Precision measuring tables

Measuring Instruments Dial, Bore Gauges & Thickness Gauges by Metrology Direct

Dial caliper gauges, Pre-setting devices, Depth gauges, Bore gauges, Centring devices

Measuring Instruments Headstocks & Surface Plates by Metrology Direct

Surface plates, Straightening plates, Concentricity testers, Headstocks, Shaft measuring systems

Measuring Instruments Vices, Angle Plates & V-Blocks by Metrology Direct

Precision vices, Sine tables, Angle plates, Master squares, V-Blocks, Straightedges

Measuring Instruments Straightedges & Rules by Metrology Direct

Straightedges, Rules, Measuring tapes, Feeler gauge strips, Small gauges

Measuring Instruments Squares, Protractors & Levels by Metrology Direct

Squares, Bevel protractors, Protractors, Engineer’s levels, Spirit levels

Measuring Instruments Calipers by Metrology Direct

Vernier calipers, Special vernier calipers, Depth calipers, Data transmission, Large displays

Measuring Instruments Height Gauges by Metrology Direct

Height gauges, Scribing instruments, Marking gauges, Dividers, Scribers

Measuring Instruments Micrometers by Metrology Direct

External / Internal / Depth micrometers, Bore gauges, Micrometer heads

Measuring Instruments Speed, Electrical, Hardness, Testers by Metrology Direct

Tachometers, Counters, Thermometers, Hardness testers, Test instruments, Stop watches

Measuring Instruments Force Gauges & Magnifiers by Metrology Direct by Metrology Direct

Balances, Force measuring instruments, Magnifiers, Illuminated magnifiers, Microscopes

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