The Centor Easy R force gauges are designed to meet the production needs of its users. This group offers several features which are indispensable today for Quality Control, for example: ease of reading with its large backlit graphical display, RS232 output, memory of the last 100 values and ability to set thresholds with visual and sound alarms.

Its highly efficient measurement chain enables it to use a sampling rate of 1,000 Hertz with a resolution of 1/10,000 FS and a total error of less than 0.1% FS.

A new STATISTICS feature is available on the new Centor Easy models: the average and standard deviation of the current batch are calculated and displayed after each measurement. All the values of the production batch are kept in the memory and can be sent to a computer by RS232. The operator is spared any data entry, knows his results in real time and saves everything at the end of the tests.

The entirely configurable RS232 output sends the data to a PC. A digimatic output can be used with a printer for statistics. For high capacities, when the measuring space is small or to integrate the load cell in a system, our force gauges Centor Easy can be mounted with an external load cell to fit your needs. Designed for use in an industrial environment, it is an ideal tool for tests during production.


  • Graphical force gauge
  • External load cell
  • RS232 output
  • Built-in memory for 100 trials
  • Thresholds with visual and sound alarms
  • Calibration certificate included
Centor Easy R Force and Torque Measurement Systems

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