Functionality, accuracy, and precision formerly reserved for expensive and complex material testing equipment are now available with Andilog Force Gauges. The functionality of material testers previously reserved for research or development applications are now available to the production floor with the introduction of the Centor Touch Force Gauge.

High accuracy of 0.1%, sample measurement rates up to 5000 Hz, internal memory, measuring peaks and graphical display are just the beginning features. Centor Touch can provide break force, average, curve force versus time or deflection, statistical calculations and real time pass/fail analysis based on user supplied tolerances. Data logging and communication to your computer or network is available with RS232 or USB ports. Centor Touch is designed for manufacturing environments, providing performance and easy operations to use and understand with the addition of the new, colored touch screen technology. Icons guide the operator in the selection of the appropriate measurement technique and method for their application. Setup menus, prompts and results are available in multiple languages.

When integrated in manufacturing processes, the Centor Touch can communicate with controllers through fast TTL outputs.

With the combined features of functionality, flexibility and simplicity, the Centor Touch is the solution for more sophisticated and economically feasible testing solutions for the factory floor.

Centor Star Touch Force and Torque Measurement Systems


  • Coloured touchscreen
  • Automatic calculations
  • Automatic recognition of additionnal sensors
  • Calibration certificate included

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