High Speed Automated 2D&3D Optical Gauging

Single Click Setup and Inspection Completed in 4 Seconds!!

Speed, Accuracy and Reliability

Automated 2D & 3D Inspection

The InspecVision Accuity is the most automated optical gauging system on the market. The system has certified accuracies from 6 microns, and can scan up to 119mm wide.

Setup times and user input are reduced to zero by importing dimensions and tolerances from the CAD file. The total setup and inspection time for a new part is unrivalled, at around 4 seconds.

3D Scanning is included as standard, allowing inspection of each feature in both 2D and 3D. Parts can then be compared to both 2D and 3D CAD models, or inspected without a CAD model.

The system has no moving parts making it shop floor friendly. 18MP cameras and HD projectors produce accurate measurements traceable to ISO10360-4. Ensuring fast inspection times at high resolutions with minimal setup.

2D Key Features

2D Key Features

• 18MP camera as standard

• No moving parts

• Scans entire field of view with each scan

• 4 second setup and inspection time

• Wide depth of field 60mm

• Automatic report generation, zero setup

• Automatic alignment, no fixtures required

• Identification of bad parts and features

• Extensive support features for off site system analysis• Traceable results, ISO10360-4

• Temperature compensation

• Inspect multiple parts at once

• High speed reverse engineering• Repositioning and merging of scan data



• Lathe processing and cutting

• Stamping

• Injection moulding

• Sintering

• Forged parts

• Moulded object (profile tolerance)

• Electronic parts

• Rubber, seals and gaskets

• Micromechanics

• Printing


3D Key Features

3D Key Features

• Captures colour, texture and 3D shape

• Scans entire field of view in less than 10 seconds

• Check angles heights and cross-sections

• Measures edges in 3D

• Compatible with free 3D inspection software

• Comparison with 3D Solid Model

• GD&T inspections in 3D

• Projection of flatness deviation onto part

• 10 second scan time

• Augmented reality projection of failed features onto parts

• HDR scanning for reflective and high contrast components


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