Micro-Vu Excel

Multisensor Measuring Centre

The Excel Measuring Centres are high precision measurement solutions for large parts. Complete with InSpec Metrology Software, programmable zoom lens, and servo motion control, the Excel machines measure parts up to 2.5 meters (over 8 feet).

Excel systems are also commonly used with multiples of smaller parts nested in a fixture. Operators load parts and start a measurement program. The machines can run for hours while operators work on other inspection and quality control tasks.

MicroVU Excel Non Contact Measurement

System Benefits

  • Saves you time, Improves throughput, Far quicker than traditional CMM’s
  • Software is far easier to operate than standard CMM software
  • Gets you into production fast
  • Controls you quality - get answers sooner – ensure your products conform
  • Full reporting capability – SPC or Report configurations defined by the user


System Highlights

  • Powerful Machine Vision System
  • New Systems are Probe Ready
  • New Systems are Rotary Ready
  • Programmable 6:1 or 12:1 Zoom Lens
  • 42 Channel Lighting System
  • “Mono-Rail” Bearing Design
  • Fast, Accurate Z Measurements with Vision
  • Better than many laser systems
  • Fast!!! Servo Motor Control

The Excel Multisensor Measuring Centers employ new technologies to provide high speed and accuracy on reliable and affordable measurement systems.

In additional to Vision capabilities, the Excel offers Touch Probe and Laser measurement capabilities. Laser capabilities improve speed for scanning and Z height measurements.

With the multi sensor capabilities, advanced digital and optical zoom, proprietary edge detection, and InSpec Metrology Software, and Excel Measuring Centers can handle demanding measurement applications.

The gantry style systems accommodates large parts or fixtures of multiple parts while maintaining a relatively small footprint. Parts up to 800mm wide and weighing up to 100kg fit on the stage.

MicroVu Excel Non Contact Measurement

Touch Probe Ready

Automated Probe Calibrations

Automatic Approach Vectoring

4 and 6 Station Probe Racks

MicroVu Excel Non Contact Measurement

Laser Probe Ready

Point and Path Data

Graphical Range Display

Automated Laser Calibrations

MicroVu Excel Non Contact Measurement

Rotary Indexer Ready

Automated Rotary Calibration

Faceplate and Chuck Included

MicroVu Excel Non Contact Measurement

Surface Ring Light

Enhance Difficult-to-See Edges

Directional Light from 27º to 75º

Macro: 5 Rings, 8 Sectors, 40 Segments

Standard: 2 Rings, 8 Sectors, 16 Segments

Long and Short Working Distances

MicroVu Excel Non Contact Measurement

Lighting Features

Intuitive Graphic Controls

Ring, Sector, Segment Selection

Long Life LEDs, ~10,000hrs

White Lighting for Color

Red Lighting for B&W

MicroVu Excel Non Contact Measurement

Automated Platen Ready

Hold Flexible Parts Flat for Inspection

Control Warp and Flex

Improve Measurement Accuracy

Automated Open and Close

Available on Excel 600 Series

Model                                    Scale                   XY Accuracy             Z Accuracy                 Measurement                   Machine                                                                                                                                    Resolution                                                                                      Capacity (mm)           Dimensions (mm)

Excel 501 HM/HC            0.4 μm                 2.8+L/200                 2.8+L/100                 400X500x160             200X1100X1550
Excel 502 HM/HC           0.4 μm                 3.1+L/200                  3.3+L/100                 400X500x250            1200X1100X1650
Excel 501 UM/UC            0.1 μm                  2.5+L/200                 2.5+L/100                 400X500x160             1200X1100X1550
Excel 502 UM/UC            0.1 μm                  2.8+L/200                3.0+L/100                400X500x250              1200X1100X1650
Excel 661 HM/HC            0.4 μm                 2.8+L/200                 2.8+L/100               660x680x160                 1311x1604x1608
Excel 662 HM/HC           0.4 μm                  3.1+L/200                 3.3+L/100               660x680x250                 1311x1604x1788
Excel 661 UM/UC            0.1 μm                  2.5+L/200                 2.5+L/100               660x680x160                 1311x1604x1608
Excel 662 UM/UC           0.1 μm                  2.8+L/200                 3.0+L/100               660x680x250                1311x1604x1788
Excel 664 UM/UC           0.1 μm                  3.5+L/200                 3.8+L/100               660x680x400                1311x1604x2088
Excel 1051 UM/UC          0.1 μm                  4.2+L/200                 2.8+L/100               1050x1050x160             2000x1720x1608
Excel 1052 UM/UC         0.1 μm                  4.5+L/200                 3.3+L/100               1050x1050x250             2000x1720x1788
Excel 1054 UM/UC         0.1 μm                  5.2+L/150                  3.8+L/100               1050x1050x400            2000x1720x2088
Excel 1601 UM/UC         0.1 μm                  4.2+L/200                  2.8+L/100              1050x1650x160            2600x1720x1608
Excel 1602 UM/UC        0.1 μm                  4.5+L/200                   3.3+L/100             1050x1650x250            2600x1720x1788
Excel 1604 UM/UC        0.1 μm                  5.2+L/150                    3.8+L/100             1050x1650x400            2600x1720x2088
Excel 1651 UM/UC         0.1 μm                  4.2+L/200                   2.8+L/100             1250x1650x160            2600x1850x1608
Excel 1652 UM/UC        0.1 μm                   4.5+L/200                  3.3+L/100             1250x1650x250            2600x1850x1788
Excel 1654 UM/UC        0.1 μm                   5.2+L/150                   3.8+L/100             1250x1650x400            2600x1850x2088

Based on Micro-Vu Accuracy & Repeatability specification. Accuracy is in microns where L is length measured in mm. Z Accuracy is mechanical accuracy; focus accuracy depends on the part surface. Distributed weight capacity 100kg, all models. Additional weight capacity is possible with appropriate fixtures. On-screen magnification values depend on monitor size and resolution. Rights reserved to change product specifications without notice.

InSpec Metrology Software

InSpec Metrology Software drives the advanced staging, electronics, imaging, and lighting resulting in high accuracy measurement systems.

InSpec makes it easy to measure parts, check geometric tolerances, collect measurement data, and generate reports.

Powerful and Intuitive

  • Measure
  • Construct
  • Tolerance
  • Report


  • Vision
  • Touch
  • Laser
MicroVu InSpect Metrology Software

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