Micro-Vu Sol

The Micro-Vu Sol is a semi-automated optical measuring machine, incorporating programmable lighting with 19.5x zoom lens. The Sol inspect software guides the operator to run repetitive measurement routines in a clear and consistent manner.

The Sol Vision System implements new technologies to provide speed and accuracy on a reliable and affordable measuring machine. The Sol bridges the gap between manual and automated measurement systems.

A programmable 19.5x zoom (6.5x optical and 3x digital), non-linear compensation (optics and stage), advance lighting, and part program compatibility make the Sol the most advanced machine in its class.

Micro-Vu’s InSpec Metrology Software drives the Sol in addition to manual, vision, and multisensor systems. InSpec’s point-and click measuring and proprietary edge detection simplify demanding measurement applications.


MicroVu Sol Non Contact Measurement


  • Powerful intuitive software
  • Programmable zoom lens
  • High resolution measurement (1micron)
  • Evaluates full geometric features
  • Evaluates form and true position
  • Export to SPC Produces results automatically


  • Low cost entry level model
  • Low operator intervention
  • Consistency of measurement process
  • Reduces measurement time Reduces reporting time


  • Incoming Inspection
  • In Process Inspection
  • First Article Inspection
  • Visual InSpection
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Precision Machining
  • Micro EDM
  • R&D

Programable Zoom

The zoom lens is motorised. InSpec automatically drives the lens to the programmed zoom stops. Parts can be measured faster and more accurately.

Non-Linear Compensation

InSpec measures and applies compensation for systematic variation and ensures the highest measuring accuracy for the machine. Non-linear calibration of the stage and optics is standard.

Advanced Lighting

The intuitive graphic interface controls long-life white LEDs. Enhance edges with full, ring, sector, and segment selections. InSpec includes automated light calibrations.


  • Precision X, Y, and Z Linear Ways
  • Manual X-Y-Z Fine and Fast Positioning
  • Motorized, Programable Zoom Lens
  • Cast Base and Mast
  • Single USB Connection to Computer
  • Calibrations Stored on Machine

Optics and Illumination

  • Digital, High Resolution Color Camera
  • LED Lighting - Surface, Profile and Axial
  • Multi-Ring, Multi-Sector Ringlights
  • 19.5x Zoom Range, 6.5:1 Optical, 3:1 Digital
  • 20-360x or 40-720x Viewed on Monitor

Model:                                                              Sol 161                                        Sol 311                                   Sol 312

Measurement Capacity:                        160x160x160mm                        315x315x160mm                    315x315x250mm

Stage Capacity:                                          10kg                                               10kg                                          10kg

Machine dimensions:                             545x705x775mm                       1084x718x1029mm                1084x718x1029mm

Machine Weight:                                      55kg                                               150kg                                        150kg

Scale Resolution:                                     1.0 µm                                           1.0 µm                                       1.0 µm

XY Accuracy*, E2:                                   2.8+L/150                                    4.5+L/150                               4.5+L/150

Z Accuracy*, E1:                                       2.8+L/100                                    2.8+L/100                               3.0+L/100

Zoom Range(Optical, Digital):         19.5:1   (6.5:1, 3:1)                       19.5:1 (6.5:1, 3:1)                    19.5:1 (6.5:1, 3:1)

On-Screen Zoom Range:                     20x - 360x to 40x -720x           20x-360x to 40x - 720x         20x-360x to 40x - 720x

* Focus accuracy depends on the part surface. On-Screen zoom range depends on monitor size and settings.

InSpec Metrology Software

  • Transfer Programs to Automated Systems
  • Dynamic Sub-Pixel Image Processing
  • Point Edge Detection Tools
  • Feature Edge Detection Tools
  • Video Overlays
  • On-Screen Scale
  • Feature Constructions
  • Tool Property Editing
  • Lights, Zoom, and Zone Editing
  • Instant Tool Editing on Stored Images
  • Advanced GD&T Tolerances
  • Automated Export Settings
  • Automatic Report Construction
  • Feature Summary Display Data Points Display (Whisker Charts)
  • Feature Status Log Display
  • Fixed Windows Configuration
  • User Configuration and Password Protection
  • Image Capture and Export to JPG or BMP
InSpec Metrology Software

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