Multi-Sensing CMM - Micro-Vu Vertex

Optical - Laser - Tactile Probe

The Micro-Vu Vertex is a multi-sensing, CNC measuring system in 3 available sizes. It incorporates optical vision with touch probe, laser and rotary options. Both contact and non-contact measuring utilities are operated by a common software program.

System Highlights

  • Powerful Machine Vision System
  • New Systems are Probe Ready
  • New Systems are Rotary Ready
  • Programmable 6:1 or 12:1 Zoom Lens
  • 42 Channel Lighting System
  • “Mono-Rail” Bearing Design
  • Fast, Accurate Z Measurements with Vision
  • Better than many laser systems
  • Fast Servo Motor Control
  • Sizes:
    • 250 x 160 x 160 mm
    • 315 x 315 x 160 mm
      315 x 315 x 250 mm
MicroVu Vertex Non Contact Measurement
The Vertex Multisensor Measurement System implements new technologies to provide speed and accuracy on a reliable and affordable measuring machine.

The system includes InSpec Metrology Software, a programmable optical zoom, 3x digital zoom, non-linear stage compensation, non-linear optics compensation, and advanced LED lighting.

Micro-Vu’s InSpec Metrology Software provides point-and-click simplicity, proprietary edge detection, advanced lighting control and calibration, multi-sensor integration, automated calibrations, and a clear display of measurement data and tolerances.


  • Small and Medium Sized Parts
  • Machined Parts
  • Moulds
  • Plastics
  • Artwork / PCB Masks

  • Low operator intervention
  • Reduces measurement time
  • Reduces reporting time
MicroVu Vertex by Metrology Direct

Non-Linear Calibration

Ensures Highest Accuracy

Standard for Stage and Optics

Ensures Highest Accuracy Automated Procedures

MicroVu Vertex by Metrology Direct

Touch Probe Ready

Automated Probe Calibrations

Automatic Approach Vectoring

Automated Docking

MicroVu Vertex by Metrology Direct

Laser Probe Ready

Point and Path Data

Graphical Range Display

Automated Laser Calibrations

MicroVu Vertex by Metrology Direct

Rotary Indexer Ready

Vertical and Horizontal Mounting

Automated Rotary Calibration

Faceplate and Chuck Included


Precision X, Y, and Z Linear Ways

Motorized, Programmable Zoom Lens

Proprietary Control and Amp Boards

Machine Resident Calibrations

Single USB Connection to Computer

Advanced Lighting

Intuitive Graphic Interface

Full Control to Enhance Edges

Long Life LEDs (approx 10,000 hrs)

InSpec Includes Lights Calibration

Optics and Illumination

Digital, Hi-Res Video, Color or B&W

All LED Lighting - Surface, Profile and Axial

Multi-Ring, Multi-Sector Ringlights

Lighting Angles from 25 to 90 Degrees

6.5x or 12x Zoom Lens, Servo Controlled

Fast Optical Magnification Changes

Instant Digital Magnifications Changes

Model:                                         Vertex 251           |   Vertex 311             |      Vertex 312

Encoder Resolution:               0.1µm                           0.1µm                              0.1µm

XY Accuracy:                             2.0+L/250                  2.6+L/175                       2.6+L/175

Z Accuracy:                                  2.0+L/200                  3.0+L/150                      3.0+L/100

Measurement Capacity:        250x160x160mm       315x315x160mm           315x315x250mm

Stage Capacity:                          10 kg                             10kg                                 10kg

Machine Dimensions:           606x808x1033mm     718x1084x1029mm     718x1084x10208mm

Machine Weight:                     120kg                             150kg                              160kg

InSpec Metrology Software

  • Dynamic Sub-Pixel Image Processing
  • Point Edge Detection Tools
  • Multiple Point Edge Detection Tools
  • Video Overlays and Crosshair
  • On-Screen Scale
  • Feature Construction
  • Tool Property Editing
  • Lights, Zoom, and Zone Editing
  • Instant Tool Editing on Stored Image
  • Advanced Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Automated Export Setting
  • Automatic Report Construction
  • Feature Summary Display
  • Data Points Display (Whisker Charts)
  • Features Status Log Display
  • Full Screen,  Windows and Dual Monitor Display
  • Image Capture and Export to JPG or BMP
  • User Configuration and Password Protection
InSpec Metrology Software

The Micro-Vu Is Now Available With Integrated Cobot For Automated Component Feed

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