Multi-Sensing CMM's

Coordinate Measuring Systems - Including Optical, Laser and Touch Options

Micro-Vu Multi-Sensing CMM's

Bench Mounted & Bridge Type Optical Systems

These systems primarily use optical cameras for inspection of components, with an accuracy of up to 2 microns.

Shiny Parts - The light system allows easy measurement of shiny parts.

Batches of Parts - easily programmable for multiple parts with tailored fixturing

Flexible Measurement – Optional addition of laser, rotary and probe systems are available for flexible inspection of internal dimensions.

Large 2m+ Components – The Micro-Vu Excel uses the same technology but provides a component capacity of up to 1600 x 2500 x 200mm.

MIcroVu Vertex Non Contact Measurement

Micro-Vu Vertex

Multisensor Measuring Center
MicroVu Sol Non Contact Measurement

Micro-Vu Sol

Manual Vision System
MIcroVu Excel Non Contact Measurement

Micro-Vu Excel

Multisensor Measuring Center

Micro-Vu Inspec Software

The intuitive Inspec software allows for fast programming and multiple parts to measured in one process.

Coordinate Measurement Machines

Optical , Touch and Portable CMMs

Bridge Type & Portable CMM

Integrated touch probe and laser scanning CMM, with multiple sensor data recorded in one software.

M3 Software
Scan your actual part with M3 and capture its point clouds, obtaining the virtual part, a very precise digital copy with a High Fidelity representation of the surfaces. Use M3 with optical and contact sensors, achieving maximum performance thanks to its flexibility.


Horizontal Arm Systems

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