Multi-Sensing CMM's

Micro-Vu Multi Sensing CMM's

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Micro-Vu Multi-Sensing CMM's

Bench Mounted Systems

MIcroVu Vertex Non Contact Measurement

Micro-Vu Vertex

Multisensor Measuring Center
MicroVu Sol Non Contact Measurement

Micro-Vu Sol

Manual Vision System

Bridge Type Systems

MIcroVu Excel Non Contact Measurement

Micro-Vu Excel

Multisensor Measuring Center

Coordinate Measurement Machines

Optical , Touch and Portable CMMs

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Bridge Type CMMs

Portable CMM

Horizontal Arm Systems

Gantry Systems

Verification and Calibration

M3 Metrology Software

m3 CMM software

M3 Metrology software is provided with all of our Coordinate Measuring Machines!


Hip Joint Measurement


Metrology Wind Measurement

Wind Power

Metrology Rail Measurement


Metrology Wheel Measurement


Metrology Propeller Measurement


oil and gas industry measurement

Oil & Gas

Types of Parts

Car Chassis

Fabrications-Stamping-Welded Parts

Metrology Spar Measurement

Machined Components

Gear CMM Measurement

Precision Components

Gear CMM Measurement

Castings-Injection Mouldings

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