Optical Shaft Measurement - The Opticline Range

Measure your Return on Investment!

Efficiently controlling the quality of your parts

More accurate, higher resolution and redeveloped with the most up to date technology, the all new Jenoptik Opticline is now even better to meet the rigours of the Shopfloor consistently providing fast and reliable measuring results to aid production.


  • Rapid return on investment – Getting into production quicker the Opticline removes the bottle necks from the measuring room.
  • Accurate – New Opticline is 25% more accurate than before using new state-of-the-art optics.
  • Independent – Measuring results do not depend on operator intervention
  • Robust – Our systems have been working 24/6 for 17 years and still going strong
  • Easy to use – Operators love the ease of use and the rapid results obtained.
  • Flexible - Little to no set-up times, even with frequently changing workpieces.
  • Cost effective – reduces waste, saves time and increases throughput
  • Hi-Resolution – great at measuring those hard to see features like small radii and chamfers


  • Automotive industry: Measurement of turbochargers, engine valves, pistons, camshafts and crank shafts, gear shafts and drive shafts.
  • Turned and ground parts producers: Measure shaft-shaped, largely axially symmetrical workpieces.
  • Medical technology: Measure implants, bone screws, and rotating instruments.
New Opticline Non Contact Measurement System
New Opticline Non Contact Measurement System
New Opticline Non Contact Measurement System
New Opticline Non Contact Measurement System
Opticline Jenoptik Optical Shaft Measurement System

Measurable Return on Investment!

Quality assurance starts directly in the production process. That is why our OPTICLINE systems are even more robust, even more resilient, even more precise – and available in the middle of your production environment. That is what we stand for in industrial metrology. Cut routes, bring outlay down to a minimum, save on rework and reduce the sources of errors. Put your trust in maximum ease of operation and the longest possible service life. For maximum reliability in production.
Measurable Closer. New Opticline Calculation

Measurably Quicker!

Absolute precision within the shortest test times – our new OPTICLINE systems combine a flexible approach to measurement with maximum user-friendliness. In doing so, they take speed to a whole new level of quality and offer a whole new approach to complex applications. Whether it is creating test plans or performing complicated measurement runs, our evaluation software provides you with reliable support for whatever task you need to complete. For quality assurance with the maximum level of reproducibility and precision.
Measurable Faster. New Opticline Calculation

Measurably more Efficient!

Success requires innovation, experience and quality. Our OPTICLINE systems offer a number of intelligent self-monitoring functions for lasting quality assurance. What‘s more, the systems set new standards in terms of traceability and the documentation of your quality parameters. This guarantees the maximum level of quality for your production process, ensuring your company can achieve long-term economic success.
Measurable Closer. New Opticline Calculation

The Opticline Is Now Available With Integrated Cobot

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