HOMMEL-ETAMIC Opticline C203

The low cost solution for small parts

The Opticline C203 is the low cost introduction to our high quality product range. Here too, the robust machine structure is designed for the harsh production environment.

With the Opticline C203, workpieces up to 200 mm in length, 30 mm in diameter and with a part weight of 5 kg are measured to the micrometer.

Different clamping devices can be accommodated by the flexible MK2 system. Fast conversion to different workpieces within a matter of minutes is therefore possible. Optional motor controlled doors are also available.

Opticline C203 Non Contact Measurement

Very small geometry elements and hard-turned shafts can also be measured easily with the high resolution camera system. Workpieces with a total length of300 mm, a diameter of 0.2 mm to 140 mm and a part weight of up to 10 kg can be measured. A wide range of clamping devices ensures that the shafts are held according to requirements. Workpiece specific solutions are possible at any time with flexible.

Measuring capacity     |     Opticline C203    

Diameter (mm)                         0.2 - 30

Length (mm)                             250

Product Kit Content

  • Measuring machine
  • Measuring and evaluation computer
  • Software TURBO OPTIC V.3 for Windows
  • Standard clamping devices and accessories
  • Factory acceptance based on certified step shaft of the HOMMEL-ETAMIC
  • Machine documentation
  • Hardware and software manuals

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