HOMMEL-ETAMIC Opticline C1000 Series

User-independent measurement of large shafts
Opticline C1000 Non Contact Measurement

HOMMEL-ETAMIC opticline C1023 with safety light barrier and rolling shutters; measuring a crank shaft

The shaft measuring systems Opticline C1014 and C1023 can measure workpieces up to a diameter of 140/230 mm, lengths up to 1000 mm and part weights up to 40 kg. The measuring systems are therefore very suitable for crank shafts, larger gear shafts and articulated shafts.

System Highlights

  • Fast and reliable results for large and heavy workpieces
  • Elaborate design for high demands on production suitability: air-conditioned cabinet for power electronics and measuring computers, height adjustable operating panel with TFT screen and a lockable cabinet with drawers for printer, tools and accessories
  • Easy to set up and use thanks to simple tailstock positioning via a digital position indicator
  • Fast loading and unloading of different workpieces combined with maximum operator safety through a light barrier
  • Protected from negative environmental influence by closed and lockable housing with integrated motor-driven rolling shutters

Combined optical and tactile measurement

The opticline C1000 systems can be optionally equipped with the tactile scanning system BTS 150 for axial face run-outs. The combination of optical and tactile measuring systems offers versatile application possibilities and high fl exibility.
The tactile measuring system can be used for measuring tasks at central measurement positions and on outer contours. It is an optimum addition to the performance capabilities of the optical sensor system for the measurement of axial run-outs.

Measurement of concentric axial run-outs and lengths

The opticline C1000 shaft measuring systems can be optionally equipped with a tactile probing system. Tactile measurements can be seamlessly integrated into the optical measuring run and are ideal for axial runout and special length measurements. These additional evaluation possibilities add to the evaluation functions of the optical measuring system as they complete the quality information within one single measurement run and offer higher flexibility.

Optimised for crank shaft measurement

The Opticline C1023-75AE measuring system has a specially optimiSed camera system. It is also equipped with a high-precision C-axis combined with a high resolution angle measuring system. The technical configuration enables the measurement of demanding pin bearing characteristics after grinding and during final processing. It can measure workpieces weighing up to 75 kg.

Optional tactile probing system for concentric lengths and axial run-outs; measuring a crank shaft

Optional tactile probing system for concentric lengths and axial run-outs; measuring a crank shaft

Measuring crank shafts with a HOMMEL-ETAMIC opticline C1023-75AE

Measuring crank shafts with a HOMMEL-ETAMIC opticline C1023-75AE

Measuring capacity     |     Opticline C1014     |     OpticlineC1023     |     Opticline C1023-75AE

Diameter (mm)                         0.2 - 140                              0.2-230                              0.2-230

Length (mm)                             1000                                     1000                                    1000

Work piece (N)                          400                                       400                                     750

Product Kit Content

  • Measuring machine
  • Measuring and evaluation computer integrated in the measuring machine
  • Software TURBO OPTIC V.3 for Windows
  • Standard clamping devices and accessories
  • Factory acceptance based on certified step shaft of the HOMMEL-ETAMIC
  • Machine documentation
  • Hardware and software manuals

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