Opticline C300 Series

Compact systems for quick measurements of small shafts

System Highlights

  • SPC measuring station for operator self-inspection enabling fast measurements and a comprehensive documentation of product quality
Closed housing fitted with doors, optionally available with motorized operation for even faster loading and unloading
  • Extensive clamping equipment program for flexible measurement of various workpieces, including project-specific solutions
Opticline C203 for very cost-efficient measurement of small workpiece
Opticline C300 Non Contact Measurement

Very small geometry elements and hard-turned shafts can also be measured easily with the high resolution camera system. Workpieces with a total length of300 mm, a diameter of 0.2 mm to 140 mm and a part weight of up to 10 kg can be measured. A wide range of clamping devices ensures that the shafts are held according to requirements. Workpiece specific solutions are possible at any time with flexible.

Measuring an eccentric shaft

Measuring an eccentric shaft

Measuring a precision grinded component

Measuring a precision grinded component

Measuring a turbo-charger

Measuring a turbo-charger

Measuring capacity     |     OpticlineC305     |     Opticline C310     |     Opticline C314

Diameter (mm)                          0.2-50                              6-100                                 0.2 - 140

Length (mm)                               300                                    300                                    250

Product Kit Content

  • Measuring machine
  • Measuring and evaluation computer
  • Software TURBO OPTIC V.3 for Windows
  • Standard clamping devices and accessories
  • Factory acceptance based on certified step shaft of the HOMMEL-ETAMIC
  • Machine documentation
  • Hardware and software manuals

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