HOMMEL-ETAMIC Opticline C800 Series

Precise measurement of your medium to large workpieces
Opticline C800 Non Contact Measurement

HOMMEL-ETAMIC opticline C810 with light barrier and sub-rack: open concept for easy loading of large workpieces; measuring a cam shaft

The shaft measuring systems of the Opticline C800 series are suitable for workpieces with a diameter of up to 140 mm, a length of up to max. 850 mm and a part weight of up to 20 kg. They may be delivered as a stationary system or are available as options in connection with a mobile workstation.

System Highlights


  • Due to the large measuring capacity for long workpieces and the compact design, the instruments in this series are suitable for a large number of applications such as cam shafts and gear shafts.
  • Light barrier integrated safety equipment enables fast loading and unloading and at the same time guarantees maximum safety during the measurement run.
  • Efficient, high-resolution measurement even for tight tolerances; very fast and precise even with large diameters thanks to diametric probing

Measuring capacity     |     Opticline C805     |     OpticlineC810     |     Opticline C814 

Diameter (mm)                         0.2 - 50                             6-100                                 0.2-140

Length (mm)                             850                                    850                                    800

Product Kit Content

  • Measuring machine
  • Measuring and evaluation computer
  • Software TURBO OPTIC V.3 for Windows
  • Standard clamping devices and accessories
  • Factory acceptance based on certified step shaft of the HOMMEL-ETAMIC
  • Machine documentation
  • Hardware and software manuals

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