NEW Opticline CS Range

The well-established High Precision Shop Floor Hommel Opticline Has Now Become Even More Affordable!

New CS Opticline


  • Reliable Shopfloor Measurement

  • Accuracy of 2.0+(d/100)μm

  • Fast measurement in SECONDS

CS Series Benefits


  • Robust design for use in production

  • Easy, fast and flexible measurements

  • User-independent results

  • Mechanisms for device self-monitoring

  • Automated measuring runs

  • Easy to operate and program

  • Statistics capable and conclusive reporting

Robust, affordable systems for rapid measurements on small shafts

The devices from the new CS series are rigorously designed for production-related applications and are optimised to meet special requirements relating to the production and quality assurance of rotating parts. Customers in this sector of the industry need fast and flexible gauging components for fully automated use in the production environment. The two newcomers, the CS155 and CS305, complete the range of Jenoptik optical shaft measuring machines that has been established on the market for many years.

“With the CS series, we are offering a high-quality measuring instrument for customers with medium tolerance requirements.”  Roland Riechert, Deputy Head of the operational Jenoptik Automotive Division.

The two products also enable operator-controlled inspections in line with the proven quality that is associated with Jenoptik.

The Opticline CS155 and Opticline CS305 provide many of the functions that improve operator usability when carrying out quality assurance; for example, automatic software-based measuring processes and several mechanisms for device self-monitoring. The new Tolaris Optic measuring and analysis software is included in delivery. This innovative software allows for simple programming with a graphic user interface and intuitive measuring and analysis functions that are focused on measuring tasks.


  • The right choice of light source and sensor: High intensity LED spot light sources ensure homogeneous illumination. Monochromatic light (e.g. green light) with a short wavelength guarantees high resolution.
  • The use of high quality lenses: By using high quality optical lenses, a parallel ray trace is created.
  • Another telecentric quality optic on the CCD line sensor. Both optimised arrangement to each other.

Key Features:

  • High quality and powerful gauge for budget cost
  • Optical measurement gauge for shafts with medium tolerance requirements
  • Optimised engineering design for usage in production environment
  • Included self monitoring functionality as well as several technologies for compensation of environmental influences
  • Optimised for ease of use for worker and their daily tasks in quality assurance
  • Worldwide proven and well accepted software solution Tolaris Optic (share with all OL systems)
  • Traceable measurement data generation, reporting and storage
  • Quick and easy test plan creation supported by Tolaris Optic wizards and tools
Flexible Clamping tools based on MT 2.Share programs with other OL gauges.

Robust Designed to be used for “worker self inspection” in production environment

Faster Measurement results in seconds. Programming in minutes.

Accurate Best precision for turning industry. High resolution for best results. Fully traceable to national standards.

Return on Investment High quality and powerful gauge for budget cost/affordable pricing


  • Supplied with Tolaris basic package
  • Compatible with basic and advanced package add on

TOLARIS Options for Opticline CS

Basic Package (included with CS system):

  • User-friendly and intuitive measurement and evaluation software
  • Wizzard for test plan and characteristics
  • Data output into Mini DFQ, CSV, PDF
  • Live Mode
  • Analysis function
  • User Management
Advanced Package (optional add on for CS system)

  • Report editor
  • Multiple Contour Scans
  • Output to Metafile
  • Sequence editor
  • CAD import (for offline programming)
  • Window un-/ dock (Layout management)
  • Multiple value charts
  • 3D Detail contour
  • Nominal profile management & related measurements
  • Classification/ Sorting
  • Manual entries, User-defined parameters
  • Global values

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