Simple test plan generation

Intuitive operation

  • User-friendly, clearly structured graphical user interface
  • Simple creation of test plans
  • Clear presentation and subsequent processing of measurement results
Hommel-Etamic Turbo Optic Software

Optimized measuring runs

  • Easy selection of new characteristics by clicking with the cursor; workpiece contour definition in accordance with drawing specifications
  • Scanning and evaluation of workpiece contours in the shortest possible time
  • Fast combination of any measurement functions in one test plan
  • Fully automated measurement process with results displayed within seconds
Hommel-Etamic Turbo Optic Software

Clear presentation and reliable analysis of measurement results

  • Various views for displaying measurement values on screen
  • Documentation of measurement values in customisable reports
  • Various export options via integrated interfaces for subsequent data processing or documentation
  • Database tool for convenient saving and managing measurement results
  • Practical tools for analysing measurement results and data
  • Fast and reliable analysis and interpretation of measurement results by the operator
  • Comprehensible and practice-oriented result tracing
Hommel-Etamic Turbo Optic Software

Practice-oriented evaluation software

  • Display and operating controls adapted to the requirement profiles of test plan designers and operators
  • Simple and comprehensible evaluation software with numerous help functions and error-free workpiece control – even by untrained operators
  • Quick and easy software adaptation to specified work processes
Hommel-Etamic Turbo Optic Software

Convincing performance features

  • Intuitive user guide
  • Clear display of results
  • Storage and management of measurement results
  • Analysis tools for result tracing
  • Certified interfaces (Q-DAS, AQDEF)
  • Software interfaces via CSV and Script
  • Connection of additional, external gaging components via interface box
  • Simple generation of individual measurement logs
  • Clear presentation of measurement results for comprehensive analysis and quality assurance
Hommel-Etamic Turbo Optic Software

Documented quality

  • Automated reporting
  • Result reports customisable via an Editor function
  • Output of graphic contour details
  • Sampling reports
  • Value pattern display for individual test characteristics
Hommel-Etamic Turbo Optic Software

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