HOMMEL-ETAMIC C8000 digital

Compact and precise contour measuring systems

Highlights HOMMEL-ETAMIC C8000 digital

Our contour measuring systems are equipped with digital, high-resolution linear scales in the Z and X direction so that they are free of negative, analog variables.

The C8000 digital contour measuring stations boast an optimum price/performance ratio and are designed for high-precision contour measurement.

  • Maximum vertical measurement range: 60 mm
  • Interactive control of the measuring station
  • High level of continuous measuring accuracy thanks to digital measuring system
  • Powerful analysis software
  • Processing of several profiles
Hommel Etamic C8000 digital by Metrology Direct

HOMMEL-ETAMIC C8000 digital system features

  • Vertical measuring range/resolution: 60 mm/50 nm
  • wavecontour™ digital probing system with digital linear scales in the Z and X-axis
  • Large measuring volume
  • Wizard for easy system calibration
  • Wide range of easy-to-replace probe arms for various applications
  • Compact measuring station configuration for all standard contour measuring tasks
Hommel Etamic C8000 digital by Metrology Direct

The C8000 digital contour measuring stations feature a modern, digital measuring system. The resolution remains high throughout the entire measuring cycle and provides maximum repeatability and measurement accuracy even with critical contour features.

Hommel Etamic C8000 digital by Metrology Direct
  • Motorized probe arm lift and stroke limitation
  • Quick release fastener for simple probe arm change
  • Manual probing force adjustment
  • Automatic measurement runs

HOMMEL-ETAMIC C8000 digital Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Hommel Etamic C8000digital

Product Kit Content: 

HOMMEL-ETAMIC C8000 digital (Art. 1001 7065)

HOMMEL-ETAMIC C8000 digital  E (Art. 1002 7687)

  • evaluation computer with 22” TFT flat screen, CD writer, and evaluation software for contour measurement
  • PDF printout with automatic save function.
  • motorized wavelift™ 400 measuring column with automatic probing
  • waveline™ 120 C traverse unit with incremental linear measuring system
  • tilting device for traverse unit with swivel range of ±45°
  • wavecontour™ digital or digiscan contour probe incl. probe arm with carbide tip
  • granite plate 780 x 500 mm with 10 mm T groove
  • MT1 XYO measuring table for holding the workpieces (only C8000 digital and C8000 digiscan)
  • calibration set


  • certified qs-STAT® interface (AQDEF)
  • wavecontrol™ basic control panel
  • KN8 contour standard
  • GTR instrument table

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