Fully automatic measuring of all form and positional tolerances

The F435 and F455 form measurement systems allow you to determine all form and positional tolerances in a precise and reliable manner.

System Highlights

  •  Highly accurate air bearing rotary table (250 mm) with automatic centering and leveling of the workpiece
  • Three motorised measuring axes
  • Vertical measuring axis with a measurement range of either 350 mm or 550 mm
  • New generation of probes with magnetic coupling for fast probe arm changes
  • Tilt arm FS1 for perfect probe positioning, even on complex workpieces
  • Available as a desktop device or as an ergonomic measuring station
  • Optional instrument table with air damping or spring elements


HOMMEL-ETAMIC F435 & F455 Form Measurement
Hommel-Etamic From Measurement

Your benefits:

  • Precise measurement of roundness, cylinder form and flatness
  • High degree of automation thanks to automatic centering and leveling of the workpiece and CNC controlled measuring axes
  • Easy CNC programming and workpiece-specific measurement documentation
  • Capable evaluation software for determination of all form and positional tolerances
  • For demanding measuring tasks in series production or for frequently changing tasks in the metrology lab
  • Optional roughness and waviness measurement with free probing system in Z-direction
  • Optional twist measurement according to MBN 31007-07 V02
  • Magnetic probe arm coupling for fast changing of the probe arm and protection in case of collisions
Hommel-Etamic From Measurement

Optional roughness and waviness measurement

Thanks to the new FT1.1 probe generation and a double-tipped probing system, roughness and waviness measurements can be performed in addition to form measurements. And all this in a single clamping operation, saving you both time and money.

Fully automatic measurements

Thanks to the optional motorised tilt and rotation module MDS, the probe is always positioned in the optimum probing position on the workpiece, thus allowing for the measuring of complex workpiece geometries without interrupting the CNC run. The module has one motorized axis for tilting (90°) and one for rotating (270°) the probe for reaching measurement positions that are hard to access.

Compact desktop device

Depending on requirements, the F435 and F455 measurement systems are available either as a compact desktop device or integrated into an ergonomic measuring station.

Model:                                    F435 / F455 desktop       |   F435/F455 station form        |           F435 /  F455 station roughness

Workpiece weight:                       40 kg                                              40 kg                                                       40 kg

Distance C/Z axis:                      400 mm                                        400 mm                                                 400 mm

∅ measurable:                            430 mm                                        430 mm                                                 430 mm

Measuring height:                 350/550 mm                                350/550 mm                                          350/550 mm

Centering / leveling:               automatic                                      automatic                                                automatic

Measuring axes:                            C,Z,R                                              C,Z,R                                                      C,Z,R

Option roughness:                         no                                                     no                                                       yes, Z axis


HOMMEL-ETAMIC TURBO FORM Measurement and Evaluation Software

The graphical, function-oriented TURBO FORM user interface ensures simple operation, even when performing complex measurement tasks:

  • User-friendly interface with clear icons
  • Simple definition of measurement positions and axis references
  • Direct transfer of positions via teach-in
  • Simple CNC programming using pictograms
  • Fully automatic alignment and measurement of workpieces
  • Comprehensive profile analysis and complete documentation of the measurement results

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