Compact systems for quick measurements of small shafts

With the compact F50 form measuring system you perform roundness measurements quickly and accurately.

System Highlights

  • Highly accurate air bearing rotary table with a diameter of 150 mm
  • Menu-guided manual centering and leveling
  • Measuring probe with adjustable measurement force and large measuring range
  • Continuously adjustable measurement speed
  • Manual Z and R axes
  • Simplified software user interface with all the key functions in one view
  • Optional tilt arm FS1 for variable probing positions


Your benefits:

  • Universal roundness measuring system with extensive evaluation possibilities
  • Professional print reports for documentation of your production quality
  • Secure and simple operation via the Windowsbased evaluation software
  • Fast and efficient measurements
  • High-quality, maintenance-free air bearing for maximum precision at all times
  • Compact and robust desktop device, which is ideal for flexible use during production

Model: F50

Workpiece weight: 25kg

Distance C/Z axis: 195 mm

∅ measurable: 300 mm

Measuring height: 320 (560′) mm

Centering / leveling: manual

Measuring axes: C

Option roughness: no

‘Probe in upward position

HOMMEL-ETAMIC F50 Form Measurement
HOMMEL-ETAMIC TURBO FORM Measurement and Evaluation Software

The graphical, function-oriented TURBO FORM user interface ensures simple operation, even when performing complex measurement tasks:

  • User-friendly interface with clear icons
  • Simple definition of measurement positions and axis references
  • Direct transfer of positions via teach-in
  • Simple CNC programming using pictograms
  • Fully automatic alignment and measurement of workpieces
  • Comprehensive profile analysis and complete documentation of the measurement results

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