Fast form measurement in cylinder bores

The incometer P delivers fast, reliable and highly accurate quality data during production.

HOMMEL-ETAMIC incometer P Form Measurement

System Highlights

  • Compact and robust design for mobile use during production
  • Minimisation of disruptive vibrations thanks to direct mechanical connection between the measuring probe and the workpiece
  • Automatic correction of inclinations and eccentricities by the software
  • Precision measurements of roundness and form in seconds during engine production

Your benefits:

  • Fast measurement readiness, as no manual alignment is required
  • Measurement of the cylinder bore in just a few seconds
  • Fast adaptation to different bore diameters thanks to interchangeable measuring tips
  • Ideally suited for flexible production lines
  • Simple operation, even without previous experience
HOMMEL-ETAMIC incometer P Form Measurement

Inserting of the probe

HOMMEL-ETAMIC incometer P Form Measurement

Fixing of the probe

Easy handling and fast measurement

Measuring a cylinder bore with the incometer P takes only a few seconds:

  • Insertion of the probe into the cylinder
  • Plastic guide rails protect the cylinder wall
  • Adjustment of the probe to the bore via a fixture plate
  • Simply attaching the clamping levers connects the incometer P to the engine block


  • Start of the measurement and 360° rotation of the measuring head
  • Scanning, dynamic recording of the measurement values of all previously positioned sensors at a constant speed
  •  Measurement values are available immediately
  • Choice of up to 7 sensors per measuring head

Isometric plot of a cylinder measurement


Radial plot of a cyclinder bore


Axial plot of a cylinder bore

Model: Incometer P100

Test diameter: 60-110 mm

Axial measuring range: max. 300 mm

Radial measuring range: ± 500 / 1000 µm (depending on the diameter)

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