Flexible measuring systems for form and roundness in cylinder bores

The incometer V measuring systems offer fast, reliable and highly accurate measurements for analytic examination of cylinder-piston configurations in engine block development.

HOMMEL-ETAMIC incometer V Form Measurement

System Highlights

  • Compact, robust measuring probe
  • Scanning measuring method
  • Simple operation via Windows software with pre- defined measuring routines
  • By changing measuring tips and clamping jaws, the probe easily adjusts to different diameters
  •  Measurement of cylinder distortion and wear, also under temperature influences
  • Assistance for the dimensioning of piston rings
  • Measurement with mounted cylinder head possible


Your benefits:

  • Flexible and mobile use during development and testing
  • Resistant to vibrations, making it ideal for measurements during production
  • Easily adapted to different cylinder dimensions thanks to the clamping mechanism
  • The probe’s self-adjustment eliminates time-consuming alignments
  • Automatic correction of any eccentricities or inclined positions of the cylinder axes to the measuring probe via the software
  • Shortest measuring times on the market

Measuring cylinder distortions

  • Measurement and evaluation of the influence of cylinder heads and gaskets on bore distortion
  • Thanks to its extremely compact design, the incometer probe can be installed on the crank shaft side in order to measure inside cylinder bores with the cylinder head mounted
  • In the case of long-term testing, wear rates and cylinder distortion can also be monitored

Temperature distortion

  • Simple fixturing and high speed allow for measurement of engine blocks, even under high temperature conditions
  • Distortion-specific analysis of the critical warm-up phase with extreme differences in temperature between the cylinder head and the engine block

incometer VS for small engines

  • Analysis of cylinder distortions in small motors, e.g. for:
  • Motorcycles
  • Agricultural and forestry equipment
  • Compressors of cooling systems

incometer V110 for flat engines

  • Analytical testing of the cylinder-piston configuration in engines with particularly difficult installation requirements, e.g. extremely flat V engines.
HOMMEL-ETAMIC incometer V Form Measurement


HOMMEL-ETAMIC incometer V Form Measurement


HOMMEL-ETAMIC incometer V Form Measurement

Mounting device and accessories for incometer V


Model:                                                   Incometer V         |         incometer V110          |          incometer VS120

Test diameter:                                     65-155 mm                       65-155 mm                               39-100 mm

Axial measuring range:                 80-200 mm *                     110 mm                                        120 mm

Radial measuring range:                 ± 400 µm                        ± 400 µm                                    ± 500 µm

* depending on model

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