Clearly structured evaluation and control software

The clearly structured INCOWIN software ensures that operating the measuring systems is easy, even with no previous experience. Once the measurements have been taken, all procedures, such as saving and printing the measurement results and statistically evaluating them, can be performed automatically. The advanced user administration (optional) allows hierarchical access to the individual functions of the INCOWIN software.

HOMMEL-ETAMIC INCOWIN Form Measurement Software

Performance features

  • Optimal mobility with a notebook
  •  Clear and easy-to-understand user interface for intuitive operation
  • Central data backup possible via network operation
  • Rapid set-up of all user-specific requirements
  • Multiple display options for easy analysis of the measurement results
  • Easy creation of new measurement reports
  • Customisation of screen and print forms
  • Language selection (English, German, French) during operation
  • Simple project management
  • Comfortable menu guidance

Dynamic measurement

INCOWIN offers extensive measuring functions and is equipped with a standardized high-resolution scanner. This ensures a very high resolution and a detailed display of the actual geometry of the cylinder bore. The high data density allows standardized filter methods to be used (e.g. Fourier and Gauss filters or median filter for eliminating individual outliers).

Optimum mobility

The incometer systems are operated with a notebook for mobile use. The overall logic is generated on an interface card, which is installed in the electronics unit. The connection to the computer consists of a serial interface cable.

HOMMEL-ETAMIC INCOWIN Form Measurement Software
HOMMEL-ETAMIC INCOWIN Form Measurement Software
HOMMEL-ETAMIC INCOWIN Form Measurement Software
HOMMEL-ETAMIC INCOWIN Form Measurement Software

Unrestricted upgrade capability

Measurement systems can be retrofitted at any time. The cost will vary depending on the age and technological status of the system, and must be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Customisable range of functions

INCOWIN can be extended by software options and the range of functions can be customized, thereby ensuring maximum clarity.

Optional offline software

This module enables external (offline) evaluation and analysis of the measurement data from the incometer form measuring system on a separate computer

Wear measurement

In order to measure the liner wear in previously used cylinder bores, the cylinder bore is measured in high resolution with axial scans equally distributed around the circumference.

Measuring temperature distortion

Due to the very fast complete cylinder measurement, the incometer systems are also able to measure hot engines (up to over 120°C), allowing temperature distortion to be identified on a „living“ object.

Fourier analysis

Distortions are calculated using the Fourier analysis method for a more precise description of the cylinder form.

„Copy & Paste“/Data export

Both the graphics and the parameter list can be exported to another format or to other Windows applications.


For analyzing distortion changes with different configurations of the cylinder head, the cylinder head seal and the crankcase, or for hot distortion evaluations. A difference is generated based on measurements that have been carried out at different times in order to draw a direct comparison between them.

Data import

External data (polar, Cartesian or as Fourier coefficients) can be imported into the INCOWIN software, evaluated with the same algorithms as „normal“ measurements, and compared with the incometer measurements.

HOMMEL-ETAMIC INCOWIN Form Measurement Software
HOMMEL-ETAMIC INCOWIN Form Measurement Software
HOMMEL-ETAMIC INCOWIN Form Measurement Software
HOMMEL-ETAMIC INCOWIN Form Measurement Software
HOMMEL-ETAMIC INCOWIN Form Measurement Software
HOMMEL-ETAMIC INCOWIN Form Measurement Software

Block measurement and complete evaluation

For measuring a complete crankcase with one-time input of the reference data. The user is guided through the entire measuring procedure via diagrams. All cylinder measurements of a crankcase are saved in a single file. The evaluation contains the printout of the form parameters for all cylinders in a table and provides a graphic display of the radial and axial measurement and the isometries for all cylinders on one page.

Data transfer to qs-STAT®

The qs-STAT® interface certified by Q-DAS allows the measurement results to be transferred to a statistics package for further process data analysis. Determining the absolute diameter For determining the absolute diameter of the cylinder of a crankcase. To this end, the incometer is calibrated to the nominal dimension of the cylinder diameter before each measurement.

Advanced user administration

For creating different users and user groups with their own profiles. The individual users can each be assigned to a specific group and given a personal password. Automatic functions For automating processes, such as saving, printing etc., in order to reduce errors resulting from incorrect inputs or user mistakes.

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