Hommel-Etamic Roundscan

Highly efficient solution for combined form and roughness measurements

System Highlights

  • Highly accurate air bearing rotary table with impressive rigidity for consistently high precision
  • Vertical measuring axis available in three different heights, depending on requirements
  • Basic version for form measurement with 1 μm resolution of the R/Z axis and 20,000 points in the C axis
  • High Resolution version (HR) for combined form and roughness measurements with 0.1 μm resolution in the R/Z axis and 720,000 points in the C axis, as well as integrated linear scale and air damping with active level control
HOMMEL-ETAMIC roundscan Form Measurement
HOMMEL-ETAMIC roundscan Form Measurement
HOMMEL-ETAMIC roundscan Form Measurement

Your benefits:

  • Saving of time: very fast, fully automatic centering and leveling and CNC controlled measuring axes for save measuring, even on complex workpieces
  • Flexibility: combined form, roughness and twist measurements in a single clamping operation with no probe arm changes; small parts such as valves can be measured with a small measuring circle
  • Ergonomics: optimised design for convenient standing or sitting operation of the measuring system

Fully automatic measurements with innovative probe system for efficient measurement of form, roughness and twist

  • CNC controlled tilt and rotation module MDS3 for measurements at any position on the workpiece
  • Double-tipped probing system for measurements with two different probe tips for form and roughness
  • Adjustable and switchable probe force for measurements in accordance with standards
  • Probing system can be switched from form to roughness during the CNC run
  • High resolution of the axes for a minimal measuring point distance for roughness measurements
  • Low measurement speed from 0.2 mm/s can be run
  • Only very low basic interference of the measuring axes, even at maximum resolution
  • Form and roughness measurements can be programmed fully automatically; no retooling times for fast and reproducible measurements
  • Magnetic probe arm coupling for fast changing of the probe arm and protection in case of collisions

Ergonomic measuring station

  • Height-adjustable, tiltable evaluation unit
  • Convenient standing and sitting workstation
  • Lockable cabinets for safe storage of evaluation computer and printer
  • Control panel for performing key operations while maintaining a view of the workpiece and probe
  • Integrated probe arm rest


Model                                                                     roundscan 535        |            roundscan 555               |             roundscan 590

Workpiece weight:                                                   60kg                                      60kg                                                  60 kg

Distance C/Z:                                                      370 (420)* mm                     370 (420)* mm                            370 (420)* mm

∅ measurable:                                                    430 (530)* mm                     430 (530)* mm                            430 (530)* mm

Measuring height:                                               350mm                                   350mm                                           350mm

Centering / leveling:                                          automatic                              automatic                                       automatic

Measuring axes:                                                 C, Z, R, X, Y,                          C, Z, R, X, Y,                                 C, Z, R, X, Y,

Option roughness (HR models):               yes, C, Z, R axes                     yes, C, Z, R axes                           yes, C, Z, R axes

HOMMEL-ETAMIC TURBO FORM Measurement and Evaluation Software

The graphical, function-oriented TURBO FORM user interface ensures simple operation, even when performing complex measurement tasks:

  • User-friendly interface with clear icons
  • Simple definition of measurement positions and axis references
  • Direct transfer of positions via teach-in
  • Simple CNC programming using pictograms
  • Fully automatic alignment and measurement of workpieces
  • Comprehensive profile analysis and complete documentation of the measurement results

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