Professional evaluation and simple operation of mobile measuring instruments

Highlights HOMMEL-ETAMIC EVOVIS mobile

The optional EVOVIS mobile software is specifically designed for operation with mobile measuring instruments. In online mode, the mobile measuring instrument is directly controlled by the software and turns into a stationary measuring station. In offline mode, the locally measured parameters and profile data saved in the measuring instrument are transferred and evaluated on the PC.
  • Clear, user-friendly operating structure
  • Remote operation of W5, W10 and W20
  • Individual test plan creation
  • Integrated help with the parameters
  • Wizard for selecting the measuring conditions
  • Import and subsequent processing of profiles and parameters
  • Open design of the print log
  • Electronic archiving of reports with PDF printout
  • All common roughness and waviness parameters in accordance with ISO 4287 and other ISO and national standards (ASME, DIN, JIS, Motif, etc.)
  • Continuous further development of the software in line with new standards/changes in standards
  • Optional: qs-STAT® data export interface
  • Optional: evaluation of dominant waviness accordingto VDA 2007
Hommel Etamic T800 R roughness measuring system by Metrology Direct
Hommel Etamic EVOVIS mobile software by Metrology Direct

Free design of print forms

  • Log editor for free positioning and processing of the contents from the test plan
  • Customization of log templates
  • Part data can be provided for the measurement and displayed in the log
  • For displaying on screen, for storing as a PDF file and for printing out
  • Multiprint log for documentation of several measurements on one page

Defined test plan types

  • Online measurement with remote operation and control of the measuring instrument
  • Importing of raw profiles stored on the mobile measuring instrument for further evaluation and logging
  • Importing and display of the measurement results (parameters) stored on the mobile measuring instrument for logging

Evaluation display

  • Numerous options for adjusting the display
  • Parameters, result values, tolerances, tolerance violations as a value or bar chart





Hommel Etamic EVOVIS mobile software by Metrology Direct
Hommel Etamic EVOVIS mobile software by Metrology Direct

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