HOMMEL-ETAMIC nanoscan 855

Simultaneous roughness and contour measurement in the nanometer range

Highlights HOMMEL-ETAMIC nanoscan 855

The nanoscan 855 offers two measuring systems in one, ensuring universal, flexible use for all measurement tasks in the field of surface measuring technology – saving time and money.

With its high resolution, large presence and highly accurate straightness guide, this exceptionally precise measuring system is suitable for the finest of surface roughness features as well as for determining micro-geometric features or contours with a large presence.

  • RFID technology with
  • automatic setting of probe force and measuring conditions
  • automatic assignment of probe arms to each measuring task
  • Highly precise probe positioning
  • Top/bottom or inner/outer measurement
  • Thread measurement with automatic evaluation
Hommel Etamic nanoscan 855by Metrology Direct

HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000 R system features

  • Ultra-precision, opto-mechanical measuring system with high resolution and large measuring range for measurements on curved or inclined surfaces
  • Ergonomic measuring station design with integrated granite plate and active level regulation
  • Automatic measuring runs thanks to fast, CNC controlled measuring axes for highest productivity
  • New evaluation possibilities: top/bottom measurement, inside diameters, parallelism and angularity of geometric elements from several profiles


  • Topography measurement with optional Y-axis and large measuring stroke as well as high resolution
  • Easy calibration method with only one sphere standard and an automatic calibration measuring run
  • Precise, magnetic probe arm holder for fast and secure changing of probe arms; insertion either in „down“ or „up“ probing direction
  • Extensive range of probe arms for a large range of measuring tasks
  • Optional cover for reducing environmental influences
Hommel Etamic nanoscan by Metrology Direct

The combined measurement and evaluation of roughness and contour is automated in a single measuring run.

Hommel Etamic nanoscan by Metrology Direct

Dual-tip probe arms with double stylus tips enable automated measurement in the conventional and overhead position. As a result, it is possible to determine the diameter of bores.

Hommel Etamic nanoscan by Metrology Direct

The entire system is calibrated via a ball standard and an automated measurement run.

HOMMEL-ETAMIC nanoscan 855 Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Hommel Etamic nanoscan

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