High resolution roughness and contour measurement in one run

Highlights HOMMEL-ETAMIC surfscan

Roughness and contours are recorded simultaneously with a high-resolution, digital probing system. As a result, this measuring system provides the optimal solution for demanding measuring applications in the metrology lab and in production. The geometric characteristics and roughness parameters are evaluated in one run.

With its extraordinary price/performance ratio, this system offers application possibilities that are usually only covered by much more complex laboratory systems.

  • Time-saving thanks to simultaneous measurement of roughness and contour
  • Highest repeatability even for critical measuring tasks
  • Time-consuming alignment of the reference plane is no longer necessary when measuring roughness
  • RFID technology for automatic detection of the probe arms and setting of the correct measuring parameters
Hommel Etamic surfscan by Metrology Direct

HOMMEL-ETAMIC surfscan system features

  • Universal measuring station for quality control in production or in the metrology lab
  • Modular system design for individual configurations
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software for integrated evaluation of roughness and contour features in a customizable measurement log
  • Only one probing system for roughness and contour
  • Roughness measurement on inclined or curved surfaces with a resolution of 6 nm in the 6 mm measuring range


  • The wide measuring range means there is no need to align the probing system with the workpiece surface
  • Magnetic probe arm holder for fast and secure changing of the probe arms
  • Extensive software functions for the evaluation of roughness and contour
  • Can be extended with other probing systems, e.g. to enlarge the contour measuring range with the wavecontour™ digital/digiscan probing systems or with roughness probes for specific roughness measurement tasks
Hommel Etamic surfscan by Metrology Direct

Precision probe arm positioning allows automatic measurement runs to be performed even on small workpieces and in small bores.

Hommel Etamic surfscan by Metrology Direct

Probe arms are quick and easy to replace thanks to magnetic mounting points. Additionally, probe arm installation is automatically detected using RFID technology and assigned to the correct measuring task by the software.

Hommel Etamic surfscan by Metrology Direct

The large measuring stroke and wide range of probe arms for specific measurement tasks open up a variety of application possibilities.

HOMMEL-ETAMIC surfcan Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Hommel Etamic surfscan

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