Universally applicable roughness measuring system

Highlights HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000R

The PC-based T8000 R measuring instruments are designed for demanding tasks in professional roughness metrology. Each one meets international standards and can be used both in production and in the metrology lab.

Its state of the art design allows varying expansion levels of the measuring station configuration and offers upgrade possibilities for both topography and contour measurement

  • High-precision traverse unit for skidless measurement
  • Modular structure
  • PC-based evaluation unit
  • Robust Gauss filter according to ISO/TS 16610-31
  • Many special parameters from the automotive industry
Hommel Etamic T800 R roughness measuring system by Metrology Direct

HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000 R system features

  • Calculation of all common roughness, waviness and profile parameters
  • Continuous further development of the software with regard to new standards/changes in standards
  • Traverse length 120 mm for roughness and waviness measurement
  • Suitable for measurement positions with difficult access thanks to the positioning accuracy of the drive bar
  • Stable and robust motorized measuring column for automatic probe positioning
  • Universally usable roughness probe with exchangeable probe arms for different measuring tasks and special applications
  • User friendly software with individual measuring programs and clearly arranged operating structure
Hommel Etamic T800 R roughness measuring system by Metrology Direct
The probe can be swiveled 90° for measurements on recessed surfaces or between collars. The surface is scanned perpendicular to the traversing direction without complex conversion.
Hommel Etamic T800 R roughness measuring system by Metrology Direct
The roughness probe is attached either to the drive bar or underneath the traverse unit. This guarantees maximum flexibility for use in a wide range of measuring tasks.

HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000R Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Hommel Etamic T8000Rl

Product Kit Content: HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000 R120-400 (Art. 1001 7062

  • Evaluation unit with 22“ TFT flat screen, CD-writer
  • Evaluation software for roughness measurement
  • PDf print with automatic saving function
  • Measuring column wavelift with motorized height adjustment and 0.1-12 mm/s traverse speed: max. traverse 400 mm
  • Traverse unit waveline 120 with linear encoder and 0.1 µm resolution; tracing length 120 mm and straightness accuracy < 0.4 µm/120 mm
  • Tilting unit for traverse unit with coarse adjustment range ± 45° and fine adjustment range ± 5°
  • Granite plate with 10 mm T-slot: 780 x 500 mm
  • Pick-up set TKU with 4 tracing arms for different applications
  • Pick-up holder FHZ
  • Roughness standard RNDH2 with Ra approx. 1 µm and Rz approx. 3 µm


  • Certified qs-STAT interface (AQDEF)
  • twist measurement: rotary traverse unit for roughness measurement in circumferential direction and twist software
  • topography measurement: motorized Y positioner and HOMMEL MAP software
  • contour measurement upgrade kit (digital or digiscan)
  • roughness pick-ups and tracing arms for different applications
  • MT1 XY, MT1 XYO measuring table
  • wavecontrol basic control panel
  • GTR instrument table

Evaluation Software for Roughness and Contour

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