Combined roughness and contour measuring systems

Highlights HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000 RC

The optimum combination for roughness and contour measurement is provided by the intelligent integration of both measurement systems. Roughness and contour are evaluated by two separate probing systems.

The drive bar positions the roughness probe even in difficult to access measuring positions. The contour probe is easy to change and can be operated parallel to the roughness probe if necessary.

  • Universal roughness and contour measuring system
  • Easily interchangeable probing systems
  • Roughness measurement over the whole traverse length
  • Automatic measuring runs with motorized lowering/lifting of the probe
  • Attachment of the roughness probe either to the drive bar or underneath the traverse unit
Hommel Etamic T800 RC combined roughness and contour measuring system by Metrology Direct

HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000 RC system features

  • Uniform user interface for roughness and contour evaluations
  • Calculation of all common roughness, waviness and profile parameters
  • Evaluation of geometric characteristics such as distances, angles and radii
  • Traverse length 120 mm for roughness, waviness and contour measurements
  • Evaluation of roughness and contour characteristics in one measurement log
  • Traverse unit with high guiding accuracy and digital glass scale for exact measurement results
  • Stable and robust motorized measuring column for automatic probe positioning
  • Digital probing systems for contour measurement: wavecontour™ digital with quick fastener or wavecontour™ digiscan with magnetic holder for fast and secure changing of the probe arms
Hommel Etamic T8000RC by Metrology DIrect
The T8000 RC digiscan offers a large measuring stroke for complex contour measurements. Probe arms with magnetic holder are easy to replace and allow flexible extension of the vertical measuring range.
Hommel Etamic T8000RC by Metrology DIrect
A broad range of roughness probes, accessories and software options allow for a wide variety of applications. For example, topography features can be specified as an option.

HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000 RC Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Hommel Etamic T8000Rc

Product Kit Content: 

HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000 RC120 digital (Art. 1001 7070)

HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000 RC120 digiscan (Art. 1005 0332)

  • evaluation computer with 22” TFT flat screen, CD writer, evaluation software for roughness and contour
  • PDF printout with automatic save function.
  • motorized wavelift™ 400 measuring column with automatic probing
  • waveline™ 120 traverse unit with incremental linear measuring system
  • tilting device for traverse unit with swivel range ±45° and fine swivel range ±5°
  • granite plate 780 x 500 mm with 10 mm T groove
  • pick-up set TKU 300/600 incl. 4 tracing arms
  • FHZ skidless pick-up holder
  • RNDH2 roughness standard
  • wavecontour™ digital or digiscan contour probe incl. probe arm with carbide tip
  • calibration set
  •  MT1 XYO measuring table for holding the workpieces


  • certified qs-STAT® interface (AQDEF)
  • special parameters according to VDA and Daimler standard
  • twist measurement: rotary traverse unit for roughness measurement in circumferential direction and twist software
  • topography measurement: motorized Y positioner and HOMMEL MAP software for displaying and evaluating 3D parameters
  • wavecontrol™ basic control panel
  • KN8 contour standard
  • GTR instrument table

Evaluation Software for Roughness and Contour

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